How to improve website traffic effectively

some time ago to write a "traffic soaring cheats" published in my blog, the first is on my personal blog webmaster, novelty and then I fall behind, only in the Admin5, webmaster Chinese these three sites to send, I found a lot of friends in my article reprint other sites, but there is no sign reproduced, sad ah, but never mind, we share, I would write a article about the flow to improve now, hope that we exchange what.

recently read a lot about the website of the article, a lot of uneven, some say seems high, actually a lot just highfalutin it is very difficult for beginners, so I according to their own website to summarize the experience of some of the more practical methods to understand and talk about how to do their own site and improve site traffic. You know IP is a site of life, and the quality of the site is the key to high IP.

first, the content of the website is to increase the core of traffic

is the first to know people on the Internet is to get some information, if your site is not needed information, even if you lie to certain flow by fraudulent means, others are just looking to go, not to mention there are repeat customers, this false IP without even a certain amount of PV every day a few days IP is bound to be a failure of the site, I personally think that to improve the quality of the site from the following points:

1, location of website content

you have to consider what kind of website your website is. What should I try to attract customers? What characteristics do I have compared to similar websites?. Or for example, such as my kung fu Prince website,, is mainly to do Kung Fu World game player plug-in station, let the game player to exchange ideas, let the game player to download the free plug-in

Prince Kung Fu

(1), especially your web site should have original content, will only copy other people’s website, is destined not too good!


(2) makes a hot topic as needed is a great way to improve the quality of your website!


(3) is also a good way to add hot keywords to your web pages. (adding hot keywords to search engines like Baidu, Google, etc.) you’ll find that it can easily give you thousands of traffic.

2, website structure design,

how to make the structure of your site more attractive? Make it easy for others to find their own information? More conducive to search engine included? How to facilitate the speed of web pages?

(1) reasonable paging is the key to increasing the speed of opening pages.

(2) clear structure design, easy for customers to find interesting information.

(3) increase the station search function, convenient for customers

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