Horse Grassland from the copyright to talk about the three major station

I recently began writing a series of Internet perception and experience, although not as China users but also accumulate steadily, experience five years and record. From the beginning I do not know what is now building a computer personal forum, five years along the way, it can be said is the first four years of the entertainment stage, since last May 15th the establishment of the horse prairie forum, begins to think and learn some knowledge of advanced applications of the internet. Imperceptibly, suddenly found that he was also a hundred-percent networm.

old worms crawl for so many years, there is always a feeling on the network, for a long time, I wanted to write out to share with you. Sharing platform, in addition to individual BBS outside, the best choice is the three webmaster stand. To the author’s "horse Grassland: day earned 500 yuan of non feasibility analysis" as an example, the following talk about the three major station contributions copyright issues.

1. China stationmaster station

article address: Ma Grassland: 500 yuan won’t be feasible analysis

this is my first article in China station on the view of China before the station authority and position, the author is to respect its submission requirements, carefully according to the provisions of the online submission. The article was published within a day, and Baidu was quickly included, but there was a situation that made me very confused and angry.

is the first editor in no contact with me under the condition of without reason to remove the copyright information to me! Get rid of the copyright information content for the "Author: Ma prairie copyright, if reproduced, must retain the author and source and this statement. "Thank you for your cooperation." secondly, although the main title of the article has not been changed, the title of the home page has been changed to "the non feasibility analysis report on making Wu Bai yuan". These two acts, I do not know what the Chinese station owners unspoken rules, and through comparison, I found that some of the other articles still retain relevant information.

here, I would like to ask the webmaster of China why is it in addition to my copyright information,


2. webmaster

article address: day earned 500 yuan of infeasibility analysis

As the user

webmaster network with members, prior to the vote a few stationmaster net article, basically are published literary articles although there is general, but respect the author important stationmaster net exchange and share the experience of the spirit stick published. There is no such thing as a great encouragement for some new authors. It is worth mentioning that many webmaster friends love to write their own articles, to stationmaster net contribution, which is a very important reason is that in the part of stationmaster net support with hyperlinks, which can increase the reverse link weight high website. From this point of view, the webmaster network for the majority of grassroots webmaster is relatively friendly.

on copyright issues, the main text of the webmaster network is that there will be no hyperlinks. But webmaster books

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