Sycamore a good name is the beginning of the site’s success

recently more attention to the name of the research, names, domain names, company name, brand name, etc., more and more find that name wife is too important.

talk about names. Names aren’t taken casually. There’s a lot about it. I’ve got the following requirements for the baby’s name:


‘s name will be loud, the boy name of the last word pronunciation must be loud, mouth must be large. The girl’s name is as loud and clear as possible.

The sounds of

2, there can be no ambiguity, lest the day after the joke, such as: Xia Jian and Fan Jianqiang (in turn read)

3, the name should pay attention to rhythm, such as sound, two – four, three – two sound sound sound – a sound two sound, the rhythm of the things are not what qualitative, after all is two or three words, the key is to look at the pronunciation feeling, try not to two words and three words of the same tone. Such as Xu Tongren, three characters are a tone, the call is still very depressed, personally feel that this is not so good.

4, as simple as possible, a word can be two words, one word name name will be a lot of words, as simple as possible, not ordinary people to recognize the word.

5, try to make sense, you can say the dragon to go to the pulse.

6, if the deeper requirements, but also in line with the five lines of birth horoscope, this is too difficult to study, and for the time being, if the name to join Jin Mu, water, soil and other hedges may be the name of the word is not good to hear.

(to be continued)

again, let’s take a look at the domain name, which is the name behind the browser address bar www. Brother to play the domain of time is not long, only seven or eight years, so far there is no one makes me very proud of the domain name, domain name registration is often, then more and more dissatisfied and not renew expired, so I’ve been thinking about what kind of domain name is the good domain is the best to use less the money up to a good domain name, the money I would not worry about a good domain name.

individuals feel that the site to do big, of course, or preferred.Com international domain names, the success of the web site in all likelihood is this domain name, the audience rate is higher.

domain name should also pay attention to good remember, remember well, but also pay attention to the brand, take the domain name method from my summary of a few points of reference, may be said is not comprehensive:

1, short, small, fine. Such as: Preferably within four letters.

2, domain name conform to launch their own brands, such as Baidu Inc’s domain name is called, Sina’s domain name is called, in fact, a lot of companies is the first domain name and company name, this order is easier to register domain name.

3, now the domain name Larry also receives more and more people to accept, such as Douban, although watercress and his website does not have any relationship, but users think bean >

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