Some views on the content construction of website articles

first statement, I am not a professional webmaster, just a long-term network, "the diver" my site are also a product of the table era, the construction site is a copy of my hobbies and interests, my site and my work are also related, the equivalent of "data network favorites". Recently, the original website is being revised and content construction. In order to find the original finishing site, they have the original round the clock so much, then over time, I stand in an article, Baidu can be included in half an hour or so, traffic is bad, I have to believe that some network SEO, in the search, in self reflection, I talk about some of his own views on the content of the construction of the website article, I do not know whether it will be:

one, content originality, the most important

Jargon "content is king"

webmaster circle, this sentence does remind us to do with the subject as the center, as the key content, original content plays a big role in the search engine, if your site content is original, not only conducive to the site to be included in the search engine, and more easily get good rankings. Now, my site has thousands of data acquisition, the search engine is included, then the content from traffic is very little, which is why, because of your content in the search engine database has already been included, on the other hand, the search engine was valued by the user in the search site weight, the same keywords. To search for relevant content, I stand in the back row of nature.

How the

search engine to identify the original content, this is the website content planning key, when you start, the same weight of "why he came in front of you, it depends on the search engines crawl time, if the search engines, the first to grab the contents of his, after grasping the content of your default, he his website is regarded as the original, the original you become reproduced works, so it is not conducive to optimize your website content. Remember last month, had encountered such a thing, I wrote the original manuscript of Chang’e two satellite launch "in the first time, but on the second day they found another Baidu I reprint articles website is ranked in the first row, I do not say in second, has not been the official closing record. Only the home page has this title.

how to get your article in the first time to grab it, you will be in the long term culture website updated regularly timed habits in site maintenance, gradually formed the update rules and slowly search engine will also have the corresponding rules for grasping, real time will visit your site, the first time included in your content, such as not afraid of plagiarism. The second is, you do the content, in the search engine often to the place to publish soft text, attract search engine spiders come over, faster included your content.

original content is not only the key to attract users, but also to better improve the credibility of the website, erected brand image of the site. And the original content will be easily reproduced by users, help you better promotion website. >

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