Personal website thriving or thriving

is thriving or thriving? Of course, I mean the website,


CMS is becoming more and more powerful, the domain name space is more and more cheap, and you have a station installed in computer software so random! In this just offered a domain name and space charge, then a suitable source code, you can make the N website more times, you are choosing to create a boutique station, or operators at the same time a few stops? This is indeed a problem


some people comprehensive, note N of a domain name, buy a N set of source code, N data mining, and the old station with a new station, station with station, is China, blossom everywhere, All flowers bloom together., harvest in sight. Its success probability is big, the harvest achievement is big, I do not understand very much, but its operation promotion difficulty, the work assignment heavy, the stationmaster body’s exhaustion, the shortcoming, can imagine, speaks for itself,


everyone has their own principles and attitudes towards life, and for me, compared to the colorful flowers, I prefer a thriving focus. Looking for a goal, to develop a plan, adhere to a belief, adhere to the road, adhere to, and then adhere to.

I’m glad I’m starting to live up to my ideals. This summer vacation, I use my long-term learning and understanding of DEDECMS, in the A5 and DEDECMS forum received a number of station imitation station task. Thanks to the love of net friend, I have a good harvest. In the process of receiving orders, some customers may be worried about my technology, so I hope to see my case. I think I need to do a studio website. In this way, customers do not have to worry about I am a liar, don’t doubt my technique, and I also have a platform to show themselves, so that I can devote more time to the customer site for imitation station —


because I’ve always liked the MB5U template, especially his CMS download channel, it’s perfect for my DEDECMS free download channel on the studio’s Web site. On the two day, I imitated the station and added some ideas and ideas, and made some changes. Then I found a fairly good domain name, which is absolutely suitable for optimizing ", DEDECMS", and Related words, and is definitely easy to remember for all friends in DEDECMS forum. Everything has it,


just in time for the east wind, I wandered into the blog of Mu Changqing and Lu Songsong again. The two circles are also famous in the webmaster, who is very good, as the person in my blog! Thinking, why can the success of their blog? Why they can own name to create a brand, set up a blog image? I found that they have a lot in common: Z – BLOG program, the domain name is as the name Quanpin, these are followed, the most critical is that their articles are very professional, a look that is hard to write! Blogs can be masters of their brand,

I hope for success!


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