f your station is abandoned by search can you still live

, where there is a network, is inseparable from search, and here is a hypothesis. Because the network is too large, need to use the search to sort out at home, Baidu is still searching for the industry leader, although search QQ, and a NetEase, and even the huge monster world GG, but Baidu has to seize the opportunities and got too much reputation. In China, if you want to search, then you can not do without Baidu. The needs of Internet users are also the needs of the webmaster. The Internet users can not live without Baidu, and the station owners are inseparable. They also need to cater to the needs of the people. However, this kind of "catering" is a yardstick, rather than a full scale to cater for, or even to lose, self catering.

have no statistics to Admin5.com people, how many people are relying on search, relying on Baidu to feed themselves, or to search the optimization as their site all day, see open Baidu keyword, snapshot included, rankings and so on, do not know whether this is part of your life is not a lack of the. I wonder if your website profit model is also the major advertising alliance, whether it is GG or Baidu, or even other advertising alliance. I wonder if search is a major source of traffic on your site. But I have deep experience to themselves and their friends, there are too many people on Baidu, relying on search to operate their own website, whether it is a N or a month, whether or not a single penny of monthly income of N million, is the search, Baidu, the advertising alliance received in as their site is ahead of the standard.

but at the time, Jingxiaxinlai think if, if you live search abandoned you, you can confidently live? You have the ability to make your site independent survival? But I know I have no, no search, no flow site only some people helpless words. No matter you are now a day how much money, if you do a webmaster only to hobbies, or your website income is only a part of your life, or just a way of life and you get a block of words, then you can do not have to consider this issue, but if you want to have a land of their own in the network world. If you want to put all of your money into this hate and love business, if you take the website as a starting point for your online business. You have to consider this problem, because it is not the SEO master can guarantee never been abandoned by the search can not control their own destiny, this business model is sad, not for a long time is not mature business model, is short.

if you want to live better, if you want to make your site as you work to do, so that you have to look at their own website or in the so-called "trash" of the industry, just a send in a website search. Different mentality makes different future, as a webmaster is also so, different mentality created different types of Web site, the king of the A5 may not be more than some garbage owners earn more money, but >

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