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their upbringing, interests, vision, cause their heart is excluded in public, those children, who all Internet cafes China tens of thousands of small towns of the population of the Internet note that the 2 populations have accounted for more than half of the population Chinese Internet, these American website is deeply look not on these people, including interest such as "super girls", the site of senior white-collar workers not only love, but also from the heart is a deep aversion.

Chinese magazines began to question these sites in the United States in the development of China generally does not succeed, but what is the reason behind what causes these because American website development is not successful, the reporter also analysis only broadly, and not in place to attempt an ineffective solution. I because some Internet sites in the United States parties and the extension staff have some contact with their own observation, that America site in China failure are the main work on the idea, they have good product strategy, the most intelligent people, the most money, the best in China, most good technology, but does not change the concept of work, after also cannot produce even a successful web site in China.

in the development of China fatal injuries, the site of the United States, no one has yet to realize this; because the operation of these sites in the United States who is senior Hong Kong and Taiwan, employees are Shanghai senior white-collar office, they know Chinese always only office in Shanghai this place, so their all practices including product design, website style, promotion target is in the Shanghai Office of senior white-collar workers and the top 500 enterprises as the reference object, never consider the needs of the public and the small and medium sized enterprises.

one would rather have the white grass than the common people! VS requires both white and petty seedlings as well as the common people!

wants to be the mainstream Internet site in China and is doomed to fail to cater to the public demand.

as an enterprise, the low-end selling only products, high-end is pushing corporate image, to better corporate image to attract more customers to buy. Enterprise website is a platform for setting up a good enterprise network image. Through the enterprise website, you can publicize and promote the products and services of enterprises, and help enterprises to contact customers. At the same time, because the network without borders, 24 hours online, low cost, targeted, small and medium-sized enterprises for the establishment and promotion of corporate image plays an invaluable role.

advantages of small and medium sized enterprise construction – promotion of enterprise product brand

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advantages of small and medium enterprises building up enterprise network image

advantages of small and medium sized enterprise construction – reduce enterprise budget by

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now why more and more small and medium sized enterprises have begun to build their own enterprise website? With since the beginning of 2010, the development of the Internet has entered a new stage, the information industry for the traditional industry impact is increasingly fierce, especially for small and medium sized enterprises, in order to maintain not be eliminated in the competition in the industry. Have realized that the Internet for enterprise development opportunities, began from the cognitive stage into the identification and action stage. Through years of enterprise construction experience, the host 91 as a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the main station of the host suppliers, summed up the small and medium-sized enterprises to build a few advantages.

small and medium-sized enterprises in addition to building a corporate image, but also more as a network of publicity platform. Before the establishment of the enterprise website, the product sales channels have been greatly restricted, after the establishment of the website, you can more easily deliver product information to the target customer base, and promote enterprise product brand.

university textbook will be eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, shlf1314 etc. as a successful case of preaching, when you go to the bookstore to buy a few varieties of poor translation from American Internet books, which are full of how these American Internet sites of humanity, such as advanced technology and successful experience of what the legend. But we are in the Chinese see the reality is the opposite, the site in the China development in typical China lackluster basically is a failure, it can be said that the development Chinese competitor’s website is the experience completely abandon these sites in the United States did not succeed, even to the United States and website to do "success.

for many companies, the conventional way of publicity is through newspapers or television for enterprise publicity, but these methods of publicity time is short, the cost is very high. For small and medium enterprises is not a small number. Through the platform of enterprise website, you can reduce the expenditure, the general set up a corporate website only need to pay the cost, construction cost, domain name website hosting fees such as the host the host 91 only 360 yuan a year, after the website building is a good long-term, unlimited publicity platform. If the promotion is good, then the effect will definitely be better than regular advertising.

advantage of small and medium sized enterprises – bringing potential customers

they only know Gmail, do not know the 163 mailbox, only use MSN, never use , in order to declare their elegance. From the bottom of their hearts, they feel that our website would rather close down and not be a site that has no taste and caters to the public’s needs.

in the first 91 host mentioned that the network without borders, no time limit, has very strong interaction, users only need to click the mouse can learn more information about the products and services of enterprises, and can directly fill out and submit the information through the network, the enterprise can get valuable feedback, to further reduce the enterprise and the customer distance. For enterprises to bring more potential users, is conducive to improvement and development of enterprises.

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