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      shlf1314 also has several good major partners in the country, has a large personal site, there are portals, this is the main source of income.

      how much revenue can be brought into the shlf1314 Adsense by small station; it is important to provide publicity to shlf1314 products. shlf1314 Adwords except for a few more

      from a financial point of view, the outstanding fees are the company’s liquidity or reserves. There are too many publishers whose income can not reach the starting point for payment for a long time, that is, $100, and many publishers may never reach this number. For them, it may be that they are involved.

      propaganda is more effective than advertising;

therefore, Comtech core city clearly put forward the "core" strategy: the Silicon Valley will not only hardware innovation entrepreneurs to provide hardware resources including technical program guidance, the upstream resources and hardware knowledge training as a whole, and will also be combined with the Internet’s top companies, investment institutions, marketing, capital and operational support for entrepreneurs. Starting from the concept of the entrepreneur, and then to the concept of a product, from products to mass production, Comtech core city will provide support in every aspect, as long as entrepreneurs can have a good idea.

in general, manufacturing from product design, to production, to the needs of the market to cycle long, generally at least 35 years, more than a few decades, and to the market, it may not meet the needs of consumers. And the Internet can really make the manufacturing industry designers, producers and consumers to achieve seamless docking, not only can shorten the time to market products, but also to understand consumer demand in a timely manner, to achieve C2B. Comtech core city hope this platform can appear more Lei Jun millet and the future.

when entrepreneurs with three Internet giants when the attention of classified information sweep away the millions of enemy troops, 58 city listed, attention to the travel search where listed, in line IPO and the network sale of color 500 lottery, attention to car information, car home……

 :     shlf1314 Adsense Adsense strategy is very clear, at high prices to expand the market, we can see that for a time, the Internet is nowhere shlf1314 ad. In fact, for shlf1314 Adsense, things are not as beautiful as we think.

Microduino is an Internet entrepreneur, is the founder of the idea of a group of "off the record", the main products are "open source hardware board, mainly rely on the" community "social looking for customers, because the company is small, the order.

in fact, compared to the well-known local life, tourism, automotive services, manufacturing industry chain involving more widely, not only including thousands of production IC component suppliers, including thousands of hardware design companies, including ODM, OEM, and tens of thousands of EMS all kinds of OEM mode, electronics manufacturing enterprise.


Liu Hongjiao, for example, Comtech core city platform connecting suppliers, customers, as well as engineers and professional personnel, procurement of community, it is one of the three parties, play the value of these enterprises, and the integration of Internet innovation is the key to survival mode, Comtech core city must create value for customers, suppliers and the industry chain.

website deus ex key where? Also focus on the vertical field of vice president of marketing Liu Hongjiao Comtech core city believes that their success lies in: first, choose a field of vertical segments, is the premise of this field is big enough to choose where to travel. Select Comtech core city in electronic manufacturing industry; second, the pattern of innovation in this segment, but this kind of innovation is the value chain reconstruction, where will disperse the airline and hotel information gathered together to compare prices, and Comtech core city will purchase information of small and medium-sized enterprises scattered together; third, a large number of users, the imagination big.

      the main goal of shlf1314 Adsense is not tens of thousands of small sites, because these people’s income does not cause any impact on shlf1314 Adsense, shlf1314 Adsense was so interested in site also has his consideration.

      shlf1314 Adsense is still based on large customers, because most of shlf1314’s advertising revenue comes from its own search network, that is, shlf1314 on various sites. Although from the publisher site income increases year by year, but the proportion is still low, even so, from the publisher’s income is mainly from the site of several large number of partners, such as Sedo etc..

      sh419 theme promotion station, because the station to do audit when not low requirements on the site. The income is good, safe and stable. Small station do shlf1314 Adsense, because shlf1314 Adsense to the site did not ask, whether you are a page or a blog, whether you have traffic, as long as there is no serious illegal content let you do.

      big site shlf1314 income of about 25%, small station income 100%

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