2010 our Taobao dreamnnovation drilling horns they are difficult to get out of a small circle of

however, Nubian did not seem to find this, but still in the promotion of continuous and shoot seriously, also suffered from users criticized UI but no significant improvement, which also makes the Nubian from mass market and >

two, Thanksgiving mentality, there is no understanding to ask, there will not go to school, and more search in the forum, consultation, Thanksgiving is a kind of identity. This kind of identification should be a kind of identification in our mind. We live in nature, and nature gives us so much. Without nature, no one can live, this is the simplest truth. The sun "thanksgiving", that is to warm understanding, on the blue sky of the "thanksgiving", that is to have a blue we recognized all pure. On the prairie "thanksgiving" that is we to the wild fire, in spring, "sighs. Thanksgiving to the sea is our kind of listening to all embracing.

represents a Nubian Sike camera:

three, you don’t need to take pictures of the product, fill in the directions, upload the baby…

has been tirelessly talking about the niche needs and functions of his products, his UI has been criticized. Function is not perfect, bloated, poor optimization, slow updates and other issues have been widely tucao. The vast majority of users are more concerned with the fluency of everyday use than they do with cell phones, which are clear and even shoot up the star track.

what do you need? Good platform: websites, blogs, groups, forums, etc.. Here, let’s take the website as an example, why should we choose the website? Because the website is relatively stable. If you want to be a career Taobao, choose the best in the long run. What do we need when we have a good platform,

the first 10 years of twenty-first Century will soon be over. Every 10 years, great changes will take place. Say Internet Internet bar, after the washing at the end of 2009, in 2010 with brand-new appearance to everybody. Various data and indications indicate that the next 35 years will be the era of e-commerce. Although we did not take the first bus, but now the train is not considered the last bus. Why do we have to choose Taobao,

mobile phone market in the face of a piece of the Red Sea, a new or small mobile phone brand how to win, to get rid of the death struggle of the dilemma? In this regard, use the hammer technology Luo’s words: "the difference".

two, you don’t need to buy any products zero risk, investment, security

every time the Nubian conference will take a long time to promote their own camera function, and the propaganda angle is always so ungrounded, for example: shoot stars, halo, star orbit, etc.. Admittedly, Xinggui proofs provided in the Nubian conference is amazing, but how many users are to take the sky to buy the Nubian products? And the general user also take a picture of the effect of the conference.

"gratitude" is a kind of admiration. Such admiration should be an admiration that flows out of our veins. >

four, you don’t need to explain and explain to the customer the owner has done it


"gratitude" is a reward. We walk out of our mother’s womb, and then mother feeds us with milk. And the great thing is that mother never wants her to get anything. Just like the sun gives us her warmth every day and never asks for return, but we must understand "gratitude."".

, the empty cup mentality, before you no matter what the industry, as what position. As long as you change careers and face new industries, you must learn with an empty cup of mind, no matter how much you know about the industry. First understand what Taobao is, how to do it, how to optimize it, and how to promote it. This is a process of learning, and good beginning is half of success. If you start at a loss, but also to learn from the future, then the dues, laborious and demanding.


however, the success of any differences are based on the basic premise of "perfect user experience", and now some manufacturers seem to be based on itself did not reinforce the case, eager to seek differences, and ultimately into the innovation for innovation’s death with hu.

, SONY and Nubia can be said to be the most popular handset makers in the niche mobile phone market. But SONY high demand for the camera is the capital, after all, almost all the flagship mobile phone equipped with a camera module is SONY, in this "a gilded signboard", the pursuit of the ultimate effect of no ground for blame.


five, you don’t need delivery,

in the homogenization of serious environment, for those who own volume is relatively small, the strength is the disadvantage of the niche brand, seeking differences, to create their own unique characteristics, trying to take to achieve the corner overtaking is indeed a good idea.

wants to get the user’s attention, become the focus of attention, especially in a mature market, perhaps itself as an out of the ordinary, personal independence of conduct "otherness", is a good choice.

, but Nubia is different, as a subsidiary of ZTE founded in October 2012 than glory, Charm Blue have first mover advantages, but also force the Internet mobile phone field is also the earliest. But now the "epigenetic" have to achieve success and win recognition is still tepid, Nubian, and minority. One of the main reasons for this dilemma is the excessive self.

one, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer every day there’s plenty of time to do what you want


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