University students should beware of minefieldsHow to distinguish the credibility of the online adve

is not to say we must not project after his classmates do, after all this is too limited, but at least you have strength, when can provide real good service, you can call the idea of students.

students need training, this is very important, some students start only when he has need to help the students take the initiative to contact students, usually even a personal video can not see, always thought that the two words in the forehead of entrepreneurship is very glorious, actually a lot of successful business people on the one hand self effort, on the other hand from contacts with the help of friends, this is a necessary condition for success, do not think you are awesome, don’t fuss, not to pay attention to the people and things around, feelings are made, don’t you need to help students propaganda when to close, that not only should not propaganda effect it will fall, a snobbish bad reputation, you think this is


said everyone’s business mortality rate is very high, not enough development environment, it is difficult to have success in school, Xiao Su that would want to do some activities to do, so he and several friends together to the whole idea by surprise, not easy to come out to do it is failure, then thought, the innovation survival rate is so low, because we all know for entrepreneurship is too narrow, that business is to create a new sky, do things others have not done, so we desperately want to so-called new ideas, but these ideas though strange, but there is no market profitability, there is no >

earns nobody’s money to earn money from his classmates

startups aren’t necessarily things that other people haven’t done,

today is no longer what students start something new, open shop, rent commercial street and even make the design and development of the students There are plenty of people who, but when we venture whether we rash and too much in haste, into the business of misunderstanding, and these mistakes and have a negative impact on how their future road, I think a lot of students are not understand, so I would like to share about the entrepreneurship of college students should pay attention to not only the minefield, preaching, sharing.


don’t wait for someone else. Then ask "

now many of the union are liars, but I have to see several people at the union, then found that many people call the whole website alliance is doing very poorly, and from A to Z can not see what company set up, and some even address and telephone number are afraid to leave a. Such alliances are really easy to fear. On the surface, is it a reputable online advertising alliance?

1, online advertising alliance official website to have detailed company profile. Be sure to bring the company’s business license, or else it is a briefcase company, ran nowhere to find money.

2, best to be with ICP certificate, because did not have the strength of the company is out of reach, and the company would like to conduct online business, no ICP certificate, as long as the unlucky to be prosecuted, the company will immediately stop online business.

3, see the

Click on the statistics of 4, online advertising alliance

has a lot of students of entrepreneurship, will be the first to pit their classmates, whether it is to do the shop or sell services, in the small Su seems classmates seemed to be the test as it should be, it would appear that they should be the primary buyers of their products, but this is really the case? Students love is heavy, but this does not mean you have to accept others in order to not want to serve if your product better said, if you do lose weight medicine like Taobao, although the products have a reputation, but you just dare to let the students to eat? We looked not bow to see if everything from the students here, after the start, how to mix

?Of course, the

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