Webmaster should have a peace of mind day earned ten thousand yuan do not believeSoLoMo retired ven

wrote today, the concept of SoLoMo was a smash hit, but with the most famous enterprises in the field have been listed, and in the capital market have faltered, private entrepreneurial companies not listed have developed into a predicament. Although the market bubble has given them ample capital and high valuations, their outlook has become blurred as the situation has worsened.

said today in some way, in the forum will also see more about the website sh419 included the decline, keywords ranking, the chain fell and complain, this negative attitude can have a short time, but after the vent to immediately correct attitude to do their own. sh419 we can’t handle it, we can only operate their own website, to believe that only your site can you succeed, your website is the most fundamental, like Sohu, Sina these stations, they don’t care about sh419 included and so on,. Remember: you’re doing the web, not doing "sh419.".

do personal webmaster want to have a peace of mind, unremittingly to do, not ambitious, to motivate themselves with the actual target, remember to do make money, money is not difficult, but not to do everything is a dream. Doing website is this truth, doing other also is this principle.

, Viddy, CEO, Bret, ·, Obrien Brett, O, Brien had been on the roller coaster since March. The start-up company in California, Venice, was established last year, with a free iPhone video editing and sharing applications to achieve steady growth of users. When Viddy users about 10 people, the development of automatics.

in other words, even if really can earn so much money, why doesn’t he do two is crying over the world, they are so selfless? Not so, is nothing more than Dora several home, earn some inexperienced money, the old owners are generally not on this when because, have had to pay tuition fees, ha ha. Novice webmaster can look at each mode for example: Taobao guest Wangzhuan mode the more successful webmaster, you will find that, they certainly have a characteristic, that is they are veterans, removed from the website industry for many years, have plenty of experience and experience.

2010, the famous venture capitalist John · Dole John Doerr coined a word "SoLoMo", used to describe the Internet to promote the prosperity of the three technology trends: Social Networking Social and localization Local and mobile Mobile.

some start-up companies directly put up the shutters. Color is a social picture sharing app that, although it won $41 million in venture capital before the product was officially released, its myth was quickly shattered. After December 31st, the company’s applications will be completely closed.

into the webmaster this group has been more than a year, do personal webmaster also have small six months time. In this circle every day into several large forums, like the A5, the laggards, to mingle with several men of shlf1314 and sh419 such advertising alliance. Not only that, at the forum, I think as long as Wangzhuan content, often is this day make a million "," ten thousand "content, do not know stationmaster people believe

but now, as the three major trends of the leader, the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, social gaming giant Zynga and giant Groupon group purchase are listed, and the "SoLoMo" also will be cool, many still want private entrepreneurial companies into the industry rise head and shoulders above others in the winter.




"the SoLoMo market has cooled.". For some time, people no longer thought it was a big deal to start a company. But now, some people are beginning to revert to their original idea." Vc firm Battery Ventures partner Blaine · Omari Brian O ‘Malley said.

"The Wall Street journal"

then, Viddy will open up the open spectrum platform with Facebook in March this year, allowing people to automatically share V> in the Facebook News Feed information stream

, many of the original plans to Facebook listed in May this year, IPO initial public offerings listed companies have canceled plans. Other companies deliberately distance themselves from Zynga and Groupon to avoid the same predicament. Others have seen a slowdown in subscriber growth, hoping to return to their former glory.


anyway, I don’t believe this kind of propaganda, especially those with connected propaganda. Look, it’s AD. Yes, I believe in this group, there are a number of people to be able to do this, but this kind of people must be removed from the Internet for many years, the way to make money on the Internet has worn through the webmaster to do. Absolutely not just a line, and even the basic construction of the site is just find out what the novice webmaster can do, or else. In this era everyone can fight, Chinese on to Roland, with hard work. Here I would like to advise you novice webmaster do not ambitious, overnight dreams, secure long-term development do stand mentality, is a qualified novice webmaster mentality.

I hope a lot of support, the above content by 17. Amy www.172m8 webmaster curry, please indicate, thank you, I wish you all the way in the fight all the best! "

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