The use of the PDF document to hijack Google’s official entry guide ranked Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon?

Dan Sharp shared a case, his company can hijack the official Google search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) guide ranking. Let us look at how they operate.

Google search results screenshot

we decided to research about why Google web search to other page can. We note that Google search engine optimization entry 302 redirect function instructions, and focus on independent domain name.


in search results, PDF entry guidance appears in the search results list, links to each other. Upload PDF, but did not appear in Google’s own web site. So, I do not know what the reason, Google did not own "included in the list; but other websites use Google related content.

I want to share an agent a recent attempt by Google, Google official website is that we search engine optimization – a definitive version of PDF introductory guide and put our column to the "search engine optimization" directory and thousands of phrases.

found some strange phenomenon in the search results, we have made contact with Google. The Shanghai dragon PDF introductory guide in the "Shanghai dragon" and "Google Shanghai Longfeng guide" and other related directory, some things are not right……

@ JohnMu Hello, John, Google Shanghai Longfeng elementary guidance is not in the list or unable to retrieve, the site has been replaced by another. This problem is the 302s Pic

we tested in the internal test, including our Shanghai dragon Spider (spider) software and user agent. This special test only for entertainment, just to verify our findings, no harm to others, not to make money to seek benefits. At present, we have terminated the test and remove its contents.

The following is the The background of

successfully hijacked Google official document

– Dan Sharp (@screamingfrog)

ranking sites in britain. Every site to crowd out other search results, because Google will change the authoritative version of trust based on search results.


302 redirect, the original URL can be retrieved in the Google page, but URL in static failed to retrieve.

Shanghai Longfeng rankings in November 7, 2016

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