Whether the nternet real name registration system will go back to South Korea

, a network security is a big problem In fact, the implementation of ?

first on the network real name system, I am positive, this does not mean that I think this system can be effectively implemented, in order to effectively implement this system, the following difficulties must be overcome.

network system, China is not the first, as early as 2007, South Korea began to implement the network system, and then only to less than 4 years, in December 29, 2011, was responsible for the management of the telecommunications industry in South Korea Broadcasting Commission announced the start of the gradual abolition of the Internet real name system, the indirect declaration of Internet real name system failure. In contrast, South Korea was the introduction of this policy aim, in fact, we are now, in order to purify the network culture, reduce because of slander irresponsible online language at that time, South Korea is in the preliminary practice of large amount of registered users to access the website must provide real name and ID number, through the verification can access. The development of the latter, all netizens comment and registered on the Internet must register their real names and identity card numbers, all moving in the expected, but the real name is made a huge impact in July 2011, when a South Korean famous portal and a social networking website was hacked, leaked about 35 million netizens personal information, including name, ID number, address and even birthday. The event allows the people and the government are aware of the huge harm of NRs. Previously because of the Internet real name system in which a girl because of human flesh search and mental disorders, these storms have caused great controversy in South Korean society, and caused many people to oppose the Internet real name, forced by public pressure, South Korea had to cancel their personally planning system.

according to the Xinhua news agency, the latest news shows, the general office of the State Council to the State Council ministries and agencies directly under the "State Council on the implementation of institutional reform and functional transformation plan" of the division of tasks and the relevant requirements of the notice, one for the majority of Internet users pay more attention to is this: the first half of 2014 the introduction and implementation of information network real name registration system.

two years later, in Asia China to begin implementation of the system of the network, in fact as early as 2008 there are many voices began to demand the network real name system, this is because a lot of network attacks and slander damage some of the image of public figures, to accountability can not find people. It seems that the network real name system is not a whim, so China’s implementation of the network real name system will go South Korea old

now more and more emphasis on personal privacy, many people are afraid of their own personal information was leaked out, because too many criminals take advantage of others’ information fraud, many examples, while South Korea’s Internet information leakage events is a wake-up call, once the website was hacked, resulting in the real ID number and such as the name of outflow, resulting in users of the panic is hard to imagine how much, to the network real name system long-term effective implementation of network security system is a very difficult problem, from.

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