The website included poor web page similarity


third, the bottom of the page. I think I said here, we should be very clear, some websites using the total foot.html template is not the bottom of the stand are the same Links, record the same information, the same company name etc.. Here accounts for the similarity of the 5%~10% ".

here we have created a problem, why some reprint articles can also be included in the search engine? A large part of the reason is the article appeared in the website never, plus the article reproduced on the Internet, finally the article similarity with similar articles >

many webmaster would have been struggling with your website amount can not go in a certain period of time. The similarity of a website page determines your web search engines let easy included. The stationmaster now more of the PHP and ASP program to do a website, some of the total template, some of the columns with a template, which will inevitably lead to a lot of the same place for us ". According to our understanding of the search engine included principle, if a web page too much repetition will inevitably lead to the station included reducing, keywords ranking is reduced, namely we often say right down. What is what leads to our web page similarity is very high

. During this time I study in Shanghai Longfeng, I found many webmaster in the list of pages and content pages using a unified description of keywords and keywords. This accounted for 10% of "similarity. Then, we continue to analyze.

?The first part of head

through the above analysis, we can know that even if we do not add content, the new web page and web page similarity previously reached 25%~30%. Just imagine, we update and previous similar articles, search engine will be included? If we can now update the content and the previous similarity is 50%, then the similarity of the entire page reached such a height of 75%~80%. Why when we update the article, search engine soon included, but included the entire site remains the same. For example, I updated 5 articles on the same day, the search engine included 5 articles included in the site, the total is 1000, according to the theory included in the amount of us second days to 1005, but through the site command to check, still 1000 articles included. Then through the analysis, we found that the similarity between the original and now update the article "and" collected before they reached 90%, the search engine included we update the article, filtering out the previous article ". The search engine may think of the new update than the previous value, so the choice of a new update.

second, the navigation bar and the sidebar section. Yes, when we flow many sites in the content page, indeed the entire station content pages are on the same side of the navigation bar, some of the recommended articles or products are the same. Here also accounted for the similarity of web page 10%.

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