Watch the mall site love Shanghai algorithm


second, the content of smooth degree.

for such a small website, they are given the weight of love of Shanghai is relatively low, the fundamental reason is that this type of website needs to be greater than the purchase demand, and it provides the content of information and can not be compared to other B2B platform and Alibaba. Because of this, the small mall site to get high weight is really difficult to

in the face of this situation, don’t store website promotion only fate? This is obviously not the love of Shanghai mall websites still have some intuitive algorithm rules, as long as the clever use of mall website promotion is very simple. This is today the author Dennis to introduce two kinds of needle for small mall site rules algorithm.

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page is composed by the content, we obtain implicit demand to speed of use to the website to the scarcity of resources, not because of time delay and the hard-earned data into garbage. The contents of the smooth degree, not only refers to each page download time the eight second rule also requires the integration of the whole page. Not only to point out the theme, but also harmonious cohesion. Or that the content is smooth degree of the webmaster page structure reasonable layout, not only requests the page response speed, but also for the user can quickly lead, guide users.

is the hot topic on behalf of scarce resources, the spread of information today, to have scarce resources to cause the user’s attention. The user needs urgent, the scarcity of content available to search engine, search engine is not to worry about the favor!?, how to obtain the scarce resources of

is to locate the site keywords, and then extract the hidden needs of users in Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant recommendations. We know that the definition of large mall site keywords are the keywords, and we have to do is based on these data in time to do some special brand flagship, so that it can actually solve the needs of users. At this point, we can see that the demand conditions of extraction and the so-called hot push method comes down to camp to meet the potential demand of users.

first, hot push camp method.

to Tmall, Jingdong and other large shopping mall site leader, local enterprises, the mall site can not be called a really big, so for this website how to promote the optimization of

to do the page content is smooth, the most important thing is to define user groups, to carry out structured layout page according to the different nature of the website user groups.

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