Analysis of the T technical team in the role of search engine optimization



codes according to your requirements

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know as long as the code meets W3C standards, it is not for your SEO rankings as a big impact. We use the most daily station system is in line with the W3C standard, but I want to say with is not necessarily the best. We should strive for excellence as Shanghai dragon. For example, we used the Dede station system, the template will be found that too much use js calls if you check it (this feature does not conform to the W3C standard), and a number of other problems. Some people may think that this will not be too Big deal, because of the influence of the rankings almost No. But if it is qualified as a web designer, they will consider these small problems for you to achieve the optimal code. To improve the efficiency of code. The camel is the last straw, these problems might be your ranking difference a little bit.

as the website design and technical personnel, they can according to your suggestion to the website design modifications. They can be through the web site overall page layout, page layout and color. Provide users with a more comfortable browsing interface. They can also be on the website of the navigation bar, page layout and other modifications enables users to more easily and conveniently find the information they want. At the same time, they can also add some social networking buttons on the page, the spread of these can make your site better. These operations on the transformation of the whole site and jump out rate have significant help. Conversely if the site out of order for consumers to find the information you want, this page is full of advertisements and so on, which can lead to user friendly experience of the poor, the end user will leave your site.


lot of Shanghai dragon is not very understanding person has been to Shanghai dragon brood on classification. We should divide into IT technology is divided into an online marketing for Shanghai dragon. In fact, in the author’s point of view is a line of Shanghai Longfeng way, so Shanghai dragon should be divided into marketing group. Shanghai dragon industry is considered a low technology, low threshold. This view is a bit of a pole killing people on the boat, but we cannot deny that as Shanghai dragon Er generally exists on the server, such as the lack of knowledge of programming code. Sometimes we will because of these a few jokes. As Shanghai dragon ER may we do not understand these professional technology, but there is one thing we must know, that is the communication and technical personnel (including site design and technical personnel, server maintenance personnel). Today I will do for your technical staff in Shanghai Longfeng help to illustrate his point of view as the theme.

: technical staff can according to your recommendations to provide a better user experience

two: web design designers will do the optimization of

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