Three new Shanghai dragon phenomenon must overcome the


two: modify the structure easily into the observation period of

three: unclear positioning.

phenomenon: pseudo original reduces the overall weight of

is stable if a website first? Is not stable enough, will be right down, and if a new station is not stable enough, no weight, will be isolated, the isolation is the new period, this time whether your website update is the high quality of the original, or do the same type of high quality links, search engine will give you a good snapshot and included, there is no other way this time, or do a solid content. For example, wheat Lisa blog, there is not enough stable following, led to the current snapshot lag, not included. The first is just when the blog did not write keywords and description, was added to later work, then robots writing often change, also is the space and domain name resolution is not stable, and no record, and use of the host is "Cup", these factors lead to a wrong start search engine friendly. So the next focus is on the blog of the recovery, but I will rely on soft Wen to create this blog, try to rely on search engines to a minimum. But in another 400 phone sites, it is very stable. Therefore, if the keywords ranking depends very high, especially new sites, must be stable.

has been very love Shanghai dragon, for the website keywords ranking and promotion strategies are very interested, so some time ago had a blog about the Shanghai dragon, was not too much care about Shanghai dragon skills, more is thinking about how to use the blog out of the promotion strategy. In addition, it feels like to be a very important aspect of Shanghai Longfeng lies in its stability and the accumulation of time, so the Shanghai dragon blog has some was let down for a long time, results are not updated, no more snapshots and included, because I know the reason why, in addition to this blog is also a Shanghai Longfeng experiment, so today give you a summary of the new station on the line before and after the problems that should be avoided, to prevent the occurrence of similar things.

do stand most of the webmaster advocate the original, in fact the original core is good for users, and long-term development of the reputation of the site is profitable, so a new station in the range of the best use of the original update. Now many articles on the Internet a copy, a post can appear in the tens of thousands of sites, one hand shows the spirit of sharing the Internet, but on the other hand also explains the lack of innovation ability. For the original content, search engine will also be included, but in the future is likely to be deleted, unless this post has the user behavior, such as different under many comments, "this is equivalent to the difference, but for a single page of the page, if the new words, then at the start of the acquisition or false the original will be set for yourself on a label, the search engine will not give too much weight.

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