The web designer editor and blogger should know rumor 5 optimization

is a rumor of a good method to evaluate the results of the Shanghai DragonIf the

four rumor: you should be to Google, YAHOO, Bing to submit your site

search engine optimization can be roughly divided into two categories: the station optimization and stood outside optimization. A site optimization is not a one-time event, depending on the scale of station and update. However, the link construction has been an ongoing activity, you must continue to build and attract high quality links, continuous work will enhance the ranking. Even if your target keywords is the first, you also want to continue to maintain this position link building – do not forget your competitors may have been trying to bring the first position out of you.

according to rumors, put the target keywords in page keywords and description tags, these words will get better rankings. This is obviously wrong. According to Google’s own release of information, they do not use these tags to affect the ranking has been good for many years. Google is mentioned in the attached note, describing the results will appear in the search results, so the description tag should be on a page, accurate and attractive description.

Google, Bing and other major search engines do not trust the primary you submit to their new website — they will not stop the spider crawling in the network to grab new web pages in the index database. Make a new page for the Google index the fastest, easiest, most trusted way is to use high quality web links indexed to the new page.

: Google Pr

three rumor: search engine optimization is a one-time event

five rumor: optimized website is to measure and >

understanding of search engine optimization is based on many people, even the search engine is an important skill for outsiders should possess. The website designer, webmaster, journalist, editor and blogger, should be familiar with the search engine used to web sites and content ranking factors. However, search engine optimization is a complex and incomprehensible field. This is mainly because of how search engines rank only authority for a content source is the search engine itself. The problem is that the search engine in order to prevent the pollution of cheating in the search engine results, will only be revealed a small part. This is speculation, misleading and fiction has left the space. This article, hoping to expose the main 5 Shanghai dragon rumors, and provide you with true information available to optimize web pages.


in the browser with a toolbar, you will see every page with a 0-10 score, which is Google’s Pr value. Although Pr is one of the factors for Google ranking algorithm ", but it is not the evaluation of search engine optimization results and accurate way. In addition, the numerical Pr used in numerical tools to see is not the Google algorithm.

two rumor: available by optimizing the label to get good rankings

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