The first Shanghai dragon’s true feelings in the company

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is my "unqualified" let the promotion department staff in the company to see the spot, here perhaps can be a chance to learn (because every day after work to give them free training I know knowledge, so we Shanghai dragon) was put up strong enthusiasm… This is relatively gratifying, because these chain members and editors are quite trust me, to endorse this "generosity" I came to this company to implement measures! It makes me very happy, get along with colleagues very harmonious

, as a free occupation I who aspire to be a relaxed working life! Practitioners from 2010 since the Shanghai dragon life has been with me for more than two years, because is always at home on their own orders, (behind I will share for most of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng way to make money for everyone), many webmaster know this work orders pretty easy, if there is a good list of sources, together with their own technology Shanghai dragon mature enough to have a considerable amount of income every month, do not have to work in the company to earn less, there is a premise that if you want to sit

but you know, things are always not so good. There is a frustrating thing, because the boss… It is self-evident that worked in the company of friends may have a feeling for this. For a network company, the company’s promotion department to have a say in the company, then the promotion department will be seriously. Obviously, I don’t have in the promotion department in the company and no one can say, plus the boss does not understand Shanghai dragon, also always kept saying "I just look at the results, rankings do not work overtime, the end of the month to reach the effect you can withdraw, write a guarantee, do not place the withdrawal of the withdrawal……"

may be too free life so I thought the indulgence of the Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng some on tenterhooks. So I started looking for a company to do in Shanghai dragon. The thought that this life is the kind of day, and many of the Shanghai dragon master can study the issue more profound, can work together to form a small team, work time, busy station, our own research on network marketing aspects of the work, to expand the scope of those of us who temporarily only understand the knowledge of Shanghai dragon!

"Alexander" let me hold the breath but.


in April, the first time in the company of Shanghai dragon "dream" has developed a liquor merchants platform B2B website, the beginning of the excitement let me enjoy the beauty of my Shanghai Longfeng talent, because the learned before the company of Shanghai dragon Fengdu is tight lipped, not to own experience and knowledge to teach others, may now have so many webmaster. So the result is that the chain company member will only dull hair of the chain, the editor will only be used as a pseudo original or C plus V Kang Kang Chuo Chuo, no employees at reqingjin, so a lot of the chain members did not quit for a long time to withdraw the

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