Shanghai dragon really dead

, a Shanghai dragon can better meet the needs of users.

generally do the bidding are small and medium enterprises, capital and human resources are very limited, you love Shanghai bidding will not open 24 hours every day, so for not to just buy customers, bidding is a very big disadvantage. Because the customer may then enter your site, and then search for the same keyword in a few days, you may not love the site because of Shanghai auction, the user can not find your site, so that the loss of customers. Shanghai dragon, general keywords ranking can be sustained and stable for one month, if maintenance is good, even a few years the keyword ranking is very good, it will accumulate a lot of old customers, each user can search.

The auction will know that

did, for the main purpose is to promote the transformation, with a strong commercial color, largely will hurt the user, in the medical industry, for example, love Shanghai search for rheumatoid arthritis, look at the bidding result page:

customers haven’t wanted to know about, the hospital began to guide customers to consult, and then add a let people hate pop, indeed affect the user’s mood.


with the development of the Internet, through the sale of their products is not what happens on the Internet, now many small and medium-sized enterprises have their own websites, many enterprises through Shanghai dragon or love Shanghai promotion with the company has brought huge benefits, the marketing mode of Internet has largely replaced the salesman the traditional line mode, relatively speaking, network promotion than the promotion of line are more likely to get accurate customer, and the network coverage is offline marketing incomparable. But as more and more enterprises and businesses began to chase this mode, the Internet has become an unprecedented fierce competition, small and medium enterprises, in addition to do search engine promotion and Shanghai dragon, there is no way to Tmall, Jingdong, Suning this money to advertise, there is no such a large user groups, there is no more appropriate than this way. It is not difficult to find, even in search of love Shanghai industry popular keywords, front row several love Shanghai, we watched the traffic be swallowed, then we do the Shanghai dragon, also have the opportunity to see below the decomposition?.

and Shanghai dragon if you do this, presumably not what ranking, Shanghai dragon will depend on the solid content, only to meet the needs of users, will have good keywords ranking. I love Shanghai more and more intelligent, do not rely on the content of it is not destined to stable rank. And as we improve the quality of Internet users, more and more people not to click on the link to promote the love of Shanghai, because they know that these are the advertising for the Shanghai dragon, is undoubtedly the most worthy of our reason to go on.

two, the long-term stability of the Shanghai dragon ranking can better promote the transaction.

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