How to improve the overall ranking of the long tail keywords website

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, several days did not write what, 51 did not rest, has been busy server, no way, is the service industry, customer demand to solve things today, basically solved, write what actually always wanted to write some disguised improve website weight and the ranking method, recently summed up, out and share, not what the professional knowledge, I just found daily as we all know, once the long tail keywords ranking up, so the main keywords will go up, what is going to do, is actually very simple, is the weight of the transfer problem, so the reverse thinking, if we improve the long tail keywords ranking, then the main keyword is also ranked will go up, there is always some key key The words are very easy to let the search engine that we are not friendly, not to say we’re cheating, there is the increase of long tail keywords ranking, also can increase a business channel, for example I do Harbin website construction, a lot of people will search the construction site in Harbin which is better, is it, they make up is also very good, there is traffic, traffic flow, has a certain effect on the website ranking.

following my own introduction how I do, through practice to illustrate the correctness of my way.

first, we must choose the right keywords, keywords can not be too difficult, it can not be too simplistic, this is our observation, such as the Internet company, we can think of themselves as visitors, but also is not a professional visitors how to search, so the result is is the most accurate, then put them all down, because we can not every day to think about it, find some change to do every day.


second: in what way do I suggest that blog or forum post, now more and more low weight of the forum, this is also not so easy, it is necessary to have a good platform, in this blog I suggest independent blog, for example to build a blog on your website and as I do, not only can improve the site included, but also increase the website update, the timing of course we have to shoot two hawks with one arrow, and to update the original, so have certain writing ability, of course, if writing is not good, we will write some experience on the line, in fact, something like me, now very few people are willing to look, all is for beginners, if you work in the first line, it would be better, a lot of good information and experience are generally the first time you know. Then is to build a blog, like Shanghai space, Sina and NetEase blog, there are still a lot of forum home is very good, there are a lot of recently opened column, very good, a lot of things do not need to write in the first time of the audit, publication and collection, very good, everyone can to sum up, in fact there are many portal blog included is very good, want to do the long tail keywords is very important, the other way is not easy.

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