mprove the love Shanghai encyclopedia by some small skills rate


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wants to improve an audit pass rate, is the first thing we want to do, you need to carefully edit add links of words, ha ha, you might I say this is not the case, in fact, I found a lot of recent articles editors they often pay too much attention to add links, not much content editing, hastily a few is submitted, it can be approved? Of course not, so we want to add links, to pay a little more seriously, to edit the entries, add content must not is nonsense and repetitive, to add some really useful things for users.

In addition

some time ago love Shanghai know and Search ask and Post Bar have strengthened audit efforts, our webmaster few less at the high weight of the chain out of the chain, at present can also only love Shanghai Wikipedia and search Wikipedia, but because of an audit efforts, often add links do not pass the audit, so many webmaster very distressed, today I will talk about how to let you edit the entries successfully pushed through the review! Well, nonsense not say, see text

and the level of account is also very important, a lot of people are editing entry registered the account just to start adding a link, this pass rate is very low, we must learn to raise, raise a level high number can more easily let our entry through. We have just registered good account can edit or create entries, some simple place slowly, a higher level again after some start editing complex entry. As a result, to do a good job of work to pave the way for our future to add links.

entries we also note that is, not every day to submit too many entries of a station, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love weight and high, but a possible disaster but happiness, love Shanghai will think you are cheating, serious consequences I think we should all know, that is K, well, today I will talk about here, after the time! Thank you for reading.

in the add link, do not add too much time, best against them one by one, I met a man, he once submitted more than 10 entries, and two days to see, actually a failed, so he completely abandoned. The one added not efficiency is very low, if your account level is high, it can be submitted to the 3 – 5 at the same time, but don’t like the brothers as a 10, which is absolutely not all through.

The first

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