Basic content is king the chain for the emperor is the website user experience

The lower station?

said the first acquisition, the spread of the Internet many acquisition software, locomotive, madman, and some thief station program. The search engine doesn’t love to repeat the web content, you provide the content that garbage collection, it is a garbage station. The garbage station can do, but do not waste station, now the search engine as a few years ago that. You just have a dumpster, on the flow of money can. To the back. You can go without the road, perhaps now is no way to go. But do not rule out some of the weight of the station, even if the collection content, website is also included, are some high weights of the old station.

I once found a single page station group info domain name, GD space, built more than 100 single page mall single page. Now only 10 of the domain name, not the actual value of the content, what about the website ranking.

Tao guest promotion, a few months before I prepared to operate a single page mall promotion project, then discuss with my friends. Friends to do 10 years of network, said that this project can be done simply by the chain, directly to a single page top mall. But later you 100%K search engine, mainly because of a single page website without the actual content, and the spread of the Internet spread single page template, online do not know how many sets of single pass page template, 90% Shanghai dragon optimization technology novice directly used, this is his experience to talk about.

Single page

content is king, the chain for the emperor of this sentence is right, but every webmaster in search engine optimization, please don’t forget to optimize the user experience, you have to retain the user, a search engine will refuse your website. The original address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 1912贵族宝贝/youhua/60.html, please respect copyright, please indicate the source.

recently began to love Shanghai K station. Shanghai dragon 1912 also saw some K, nothing more than a few, collecting garbage station, single page Amoy, low-level pseudo original, regardless of the user experience, pop ads everywhere everywhere. So the site was K80% the site itself is a factor.

pseudo original, first said the spread of the Internet some pseudo original, mass chain software, fast ranking. Want to want to be alone to write pseudo original software, the mass of the chain website ranking put up. Sell software may take out? He will not make money

website optimization for what? Practice some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon? Increase website? Attract search engine keywords or web traffic ranking??? User experience optimization? Really want to know what is the Shanghai dragon group, pseudo original, outside the chain of resources, it is worth mentioning that you don’t really know how to site optimization, web site operators from the stage further.

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