The directory structure leading to the source of the news review

currently found more because the directory structure not through the audit example is this:

2, all the pages generated in chronological order, according to the content of division, such as:



we have mentioned the most basic knowledge of Shanghai Dragon: URL, we mention one of the most basic concepts: the directory structure. Not long ago a very high quality news resources site to find love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, their feedback seriously do content, has been in love for Shanghai news source, but for a long time does not pass, not very understanding. Dean to see this site problems: the directory structure.

from 2015 onwards, in order to enhance the quality and content of impurity removal news retrieval end, love Shanghai included the size of news source site upgrade to the channel level and directory level, little to the site of the level included a large number of content, and only support a directory. A few examples:



1, more than two directories share the same level directory, two directory quality is not uniform, such as:

a lot of content quality through the examination of the station cards in the structure, really very sad.

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