Share the use of questions and answers four steps of website optimization platform

after a period of practice and reference to other data, the author of the quiz platform how to do outside the chain also has a little bit of understanding, the author believes that to do the quiz platform, to achieve the so-called "four steps", the following is to listen to the step by step, I hope the great God Bozhuan exchange.


choose a good platform, we started on the problem, the author found that many Er do not pay attention to the problem of Shanghai dragon writing, a lot of time just to make a chain will write the problem out of order get throught a thing carelessly. We should seriously write this link, this time we should let go of our Shanghai dragon purpose itself as a demand, the user in question, the question of the title, the specific content of carefully written, written law can refer to other similar problems, try to make the most of the content described by the relevant short text, so as to the next step "to enhance the visibility of the foundation.

: comprehensive and detailed selection of Q & a platform

platform is selected, the problem is written, this time to prepare to answer this job. The author believes that the old way, that is for their own IP account to "question and answer" has become obsolete, after all, now a lot of Q & a platform can also identify themselves, and answer their questions there are always loopholes, is easy to see. >


we all know that the Internet three quiz platform: love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, is a very good question answering platform, can do a chain on these platforms, must be very high quality. But love Shanghai know rigorous audit, Search ask 301 jump the question and answer, plain text and easy to remove these shortcomings, so we have to move to other inquiry platform. In fact, choose Q & a platform should be more comprehensive, the author suggests can choose Sohu or ask Sina answers, the two inquiry platform not necessarily in front of three excellent platform, but in order to win, is also a good choice. Secondly, the choice of platform should also be more refined, such as you do in the pharmaceutical industry, can choose the "good doctor", "39 Health quiz" medicine inquiry platform to do outside the chain, if you can do the chain here, not only can improve the chain correlation can attract more relevant users to visit your website.

has been a Q & a platform chain platform of Shanghai dragon Er favor, its weight is high, included has been recognized as the advantage, but in recent times, ask the chain platform has been more and more difficult to do, a chain of the platform but so good, believe that Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er is still unwilling to give up therefore, it is the same with the author, has been studying how to use the inquiry platform to optimize the site.

work hard to write

The second step: The first step of

the third step: borrowing strength to enhance the visibility of the

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