Shanghai dragon can learn how to break the technology to maximize

The first step of

second, the website should be clear and comprehensive understanding of

, we have systematically studied the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Then the second step, we have to be clear and comprehensive understanding on their website. As for the specific need to learn what? Oh, that learning is very much, JS, HTML, CSS, CMS, ASP or PHP, because Shanghai dragon sometimes need to batch operations, especially for large sites, as long as you can know strategy after manufacturing phenomenon. In addition, website optimization must come from within, only the content to meet the Shanghai dragon, on the site on a large scale can save a lot of effort, not only will make detours. Now many webmaster is a mature open source CMS, some two times will not develop and modify, and not completely on the site of internal optimization, just simply modify the title, the Shanghai dragon only the most simple, there are many places need to be improved. When we know enough when your own web site, to use their own knowledge to optimize the Shanghai dragon, outside interference to a minimum, otherwise, after problems, and sometimes is not a technical problem, but the question of procedure.

: the first learning basic knowledge is the focus of Shanghai dragon

suggests learning Shanghai dragon first step, of course is to understand the basic knowledge. Buy some books more practical. At the same time, you can go to the website to find some famous Shanghai dragon forum to see some experience of the old owners to share. Now Shanghai dragon is very hot. On the Internet just a search is about some teaching materials of Shanghai dragon, video and voice system, Download system. So let us how to choose to decide. This time, Shanghai web design through years of experience in this industry, to tell you, first read, grasp, what video tutorials too late again. For example, why?. For example, noble baby website quality guidelines, there are many search engines related basic principle, the contents read, can let us know the reason, but not the answer. We go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge website, someone else is spread, we look at the Shanghai based Phoenix is to understand the principle, use their own way of thinking, this is our own things, the role is enormous. Have said it, I believe we all know.

it is self-evident, Shanghai dragon learning is a long and gradual process. Of course, first we must first understand what is the Shanghai dragon, understand search engine and set the basic principle of crawling, indexing and ranking algorithm. Read some books about the Shanghai dragon, understand some truth. Is after the specific operation. Is the so-called: practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. You are learning at this time the Shanghai dragon play. So in the process of practice if we should do, so that you have a breakthrough? Shanghai website attracting network and everybody to exchange.

, summary > Third

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