Key words Yang Wenjian ranked first after included reducing the reasons and Solutions

said these, we will think of a bucket, a bucket can hold much water depends on the shortest piece of wood. But in real life, a long piece of wood, a piece of wood for a short barrel will be discarded. The reason is very simple, so one does not comply with the rules of the manufacturing barrel is not convenient to use. This is love sea K off the chain is rich in resources, and one of the contents of the construction site no factors.

Shanghai will then love "to" a website so high weight, but can not provide users with high quality content, keep what use is it? After a period of observation, the content of the website quality has not been improved, directly from the database to delete, the so-called K off site.

experience, found the situation of the station have several things in common:

with the increase of their Shanghai Longfeng experience and the search engine algorithm, in Yang Wenjian’s view is very reasonable. Love Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience, to ranked first high weight website content higher quality requirements, love Shanghai spider content on the site to grab more demanding. The spider will judge in the station provided content is not the user wants, whether it is garbage collected. Users click to enter the website, whether it can solve the problem of users.

?The results of these


in Shanghai dragon, often encounter a situation, with the ranking of words slowly rising, finally stable in the first time. There will be ranking stable, but the site web site, such as, the amount collected is less and less, finally only one page. After about a month, from the Shanghai database site completely disappear in love.

3. this situation occurs mostly in the optimization of the old domain based on weight advantage.

4. home bounce rate 89%-90%, the user site residence time of 10 seconds, IP and PV than in 1:1-1:3.

1. a large number of import chain, and the chain into the night increased a lot.

2. content acquisition, content readability is too poor.

if the owners also focus on the construction of the chain, and ignore the content of the words. The result is the website weight is higher and higher, while the spider of content quality is also higher, will slowly delete spam spiders think, finally site. Only the home page a guanggansiling.

know this truth, a stable ranking, but it is less and less the website is very simple:

this is a fatal blow to the Shanghai dragon Er, not easy to do keyword ranking first, the overnight return to 0. I think this is an inevitable result of love, Shanghai is not my open, why he always gave me the first ranking in the

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