What precautions should be taken in the traditional industry Web site chain optimization

is the first tree in place of logic design. The main site navigation, navigation, navigation and position to do, have struggled to find a way to make flowers in this part of the optimization. Specifically, the main navigation and other navigation makes the site an important channel of multi-level classification, content recommendation or entrance; optimize the breadcrumb navigation only need to follow the normal tree structure layout is good, at least from the general structure of the best in the chain, and the other is added in the chain. For example, the same page and the lower page, regardless of the starting from the user experience, or from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, to build a reasonable structure of related links, a tree type link structure completely.

for the traditional industry website, in the process of optimization, the inside and outside the chain chain is essential, but also optimize the core of the website, especially some large electricity supplier website, talent website, real estate website, education website, website optimization is the chain and the chain of the site the most attention to these traditional industries in the process of optimization. Of course, the chain is more important than the optimization of the chain, if the chain from the perspective of the chain within the chain, is more important, but the premise is to have the optimization of the chain in the chain. So, want to drive traffic, the weight increase, optimize the internal chain must be perfect, and the optimization in the chain to be taken seriously, without any hint of neglect.

of course, the chain optimization is also a big topic, A5 marketing in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to the customer (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai, /zhenduan/? Hz) time, suggested that different types of different types of web content through different optimization methods to optimize the internal chain. So, in order to help to the electricity supplier, talent, education, tourism, real estate, cars and other traditional industry website profit, following on from the A5 marketing Huang Zhong and webmaster exchange together within the chain optimization should pay attention to the place, I believe that the local notice, web traffic and weight will increase a hundred times.

, a logic tree in the chain design in place of


recently has been the traditional industry to the webmaster Advisory web site chain optimization this, especially in the electricity supplier website, talent network and tourism network owners and the majority, after the exchange, the author found that many owners of the chain optimization is quite strange, even some webmaster do not know how to optimize the internal the chain, which eventually led to the website no weight, good flow. When I found this problem, think of the traditional industry chain optimization webmaster should play a piece of attention, after all, most rely on traffic to the site within the chain, especially large electricity supplier website. In general, if the chain will do a large site, only in the chain, the force have very good results, after all, the station on the chain, large inner chain.

for example, there are some areas of classification of the site, generally from the home page to see.

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