The website editor on the importance of Shanghai Longfeng work

Four, good at finding problems in

three, write out the good

I recently took over the

five, switch their roles to make the user experience

optimization of several class portal poultry, near half a month to experience in the field of view, high quality original content plays a crucial role in the website optimization process. The content is from where to get it, the answer is the title that comes from the excellent website editors.

found the problem and solve the problem, this is the most common in our work. For a good editor, is also the same reason. Standard ", not by professional web experience division decision, a large part of the website editor is used based on. Because an article or a special publication, editing is the first time to browse, so in the first time found the problem, and solve the problem.

is an excellent website editor has a strong event sensitive spirit, from small details to find highlights as their own material. Have material, there are ideas, will have something to show you. So the content is absolutely high quality, absolutely love by many users, more is the search engine love.

website editor in the daily tend to have their own planned time to do things, but does not rule out the special reasons. But even if there are special reasons, may be overtime ran the news every day, but those who must publish the article or to be completed. After such a long time, the search engine will generate considerable dependence on the best performance that he will go to crawl your site at a fixed time every day, even grab a column.


two, good at planning their time

good user experience, is a Shanghai dragon E>

why do you say so, then slowly listen to the excellent editorial about what can be done for the Shanghai Dragon:

, good at finding and collecting materials

website editor, in the eyes of ordinary people, the pronoun is perhaps the "copy and paste and processing". But an excellent website editor in Shanghai Longfeng optimization has a huge role in promoting.

it is in doubt, because an editor is the most important thing to write their own view of the strong. Take the "processing", the boss for the task is, while others see that you are copy, but in the end still can cause the user’s attention again, and the most willing to open again. I see the user, why there is interest in doing so, it must rely on the editor how to write the title, how to make the most effective in processing heavy nature revision case. We are Shanghai dragon ER mouth often say "pseudo original".

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