Shanghai dragon combat password learning experience a

home page, to say is a directory search engine, different directory and search engine, but if your website to open directory submission, if can be included, is to obtain a high weight of the chain. Such as hao123, DMOZ, YAHOO and other open directory.

finally, application of segmentation technology, love Shanghai and Google have different emphases, love Shanghai more accurate, it will be the amount of explained yesterday webmaster search different results of Xinjiang Shanghai dragon appeared through the love of Shanghai and Google. Love Shanghai: related results about 677000. While Google has found about 27200000 results. This could be love Shanghai to Xinjiang Shanghai dragon as a word, Google, Xinjiang, Shanghai and Phoenix as different words. (people understand). With this word, we optimized for special words plus blackbody, can also deliberately tell the spider this word we want to optimize, or the word is our own creation.

study of Shanghai Longfeng a year’s time, the basic concept is to grasp some, always thought he was a master of the Shanghai dragon, but these days also read ZAC write Shanghai dragon combat password, only to find myself a lot of practice and understanding is wrong, or said that the actual situation was not like what you think. As we all know, to learn a skill, have to go to the authorities or organizations, who is the authority of Shanghai dragon? Home to push is the search engine itself, such as the love of Shanghai and Google, because they are the rule makers, which are the optimization of the guidance is a must. The second is the expert in this area, ZAC is such a person, so we need to study the book he wrote, today Xinjiang Shanghai dragon owners put their own learning to share some inspired by Shanghai dragon combat password for everyone.

, Baidu and Google for users to search the contents of different results, but the title is the same, that is between the website of the title content is displayed in the result, so this is very important, the second is to love Shanghai website shown below, while Google’s website shown above, love Shanghai and Google judge keywords for web content is also different, love Shanghai to ZhengZhan weight, and Google with the latest content and related keywords frequency and condition judgment, which in one aspect of my inspiration, is to do Google ranking, can write in the title naturally or half unconsciously write on the keywords do you want to do, but must be natural.

Followed by

again, the spider crawling into the depth and breadth of two ways. How to attract the spider? Can do to improve the weight, and web page update, the quality and quantity of import links, and click on the nearest home. Can be understood as two level directory or page path not too deep. (understand). The spider found in the main text, so that the original is very important, the image with the ALT tag also has a certain effect.

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