360 caused by search engine search industry revolution

Sogou search is to refine the search, add shopping search and knowledge search. Sogou search includes search products, desktop tools, mobile phone software. Sogou search engine recently added a lot of new products such as: shopping search, Sogou wallpaper, Sogou mobile phone assistant, Sogou numbers pass, Sogou search, mobile phone map knowledge.

360 search engine launched? "The original search algorithm, thumb plan and search open platform". Search algorithm 360 completely original is to emphasize the importance in the search, adopt machine learning techniques, coupled with PepoleRank’s algorithm; 360 exclusive launch of the "thumb" that the majority of Internet users to participate in the search results to vote, let users in the search results play a decisive role; 360 search open platform strategy, whether it is to do Application Development >

What are the three independent innovation

search engine comparison search results or 360 search results most clean, especially wood has appeared long tail keywords. At the same time left wood advertising, filter out a lot of advertising, the desired result will find in a page, and will not appear so much advertising.

After the four

love Shanghai search engine is a comprehensive information search. Including the commonly used search, mobile search, love Shanghai search (mobile phone search), Senior Citizen Search, patent search; the other includes search service, community service, navigation services, games and entertainment, mobile services, owners and developers, software tools, and other services.

S0S0 search engine is to increase the group purchase and map. Others include common search, community search, navigation and other tools, products and services. The S0S0 search engine is the essence of QQ’s search engine.

360 search on line 8.16, 9.20 days, use independent domain name so贵族宝贝. 360 search is a comprehensive search engine. The search engine market trend now is the love of the Shanghai market share to rise further, Sogou search, maintain high growth, while 360 has entered the search engine market, and achieved a market share of 10% in just ten days. 50% flow Sogou search is brought through Sogou browser, Sogou input method is the biggest contribution. Love the sea is big boss, flow directly from the search engine, search search engine is based on QQ and its related products get a lot of traffic.


search engine is a comprehensive information security web site, search. The 360 is the micro-blog search engine and shopping as a separate option, the same map and answer options. The other with each other often some options.


360 search is the Qihoo following antivirus, browser, and a killer mace after navigation. Rely on clean and safe haven to quickly seize market share. Why just a week will be the domestic search engine second? With three unique innovation or with clean search results, reliable service for the purpose of

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