The Description element description of compilation and optimization techniques

element description where writing? And Title writing is different, the content of description is in most cases need to manually fill in, such as the current WordPress website, you can use the Shanghai dragon plug-in implements each of the description manual fill, can automatically crawl completed as description, and most of the enterprises the website provides CMS background, Meta label Title, Description, and Keywords or manually fill in automatically fill. Then in the page source code is in what position? (infra red):

1, description description must be written, but do not stack keywords, especially description content of web page, should be written.


is not difficult to find that the red underlined part is Meta label description code written in a way. But here we may have a doubt, the contents of description and love Shanghai search results content inconsistent (a comparison chart). Yes, sometimes not, this is the search engine and intelligent algorithm excellent local search engine shows the description attribute code content set in general, but there is more in line with the search content relevance words, will automatically crawl the web page on the content of description as presented in the search results in. Look at the two picture:


I use the red box around the corresponding page element description is love Shanghai search results displayed that the Meta Description attribute specific content.


yesterday wrote an article about web Title optimization techniques, and everyone today to talk of "meta description Description is how to write a high quality description. First we look at what is the "description", the search in the search engine results and how to show the way, here is

Then the

capture relevant content:



love Shanghai, noble baby, now supports this algorithm, Tencent SOSO, Sogou, 360 search no one by one test, here is not listed. Therefore, here, "the meta description of description how to write a high quality? Or, what should I write? Now share with you some of my experience:

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