Discussion on some experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimized navigation station reality and concise

second is the content description, not making up close.


believes that for many grassroots sites, and not to hit too much advertising fees paid to buy or use the free flow, most of the way to get traffic. Through the search engines to get traffic is relatively cheap and stable way to get traffic, so almost every grassroots webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, and all have a certain Shanghai dragon skills, even every grassroots webmaster to pay attention to this extreme things, can be said that many webmaster in this flower time than you spend more time managing website.

first, streamlined home page, highlight key.

first, my site is now in Shanghai dragon aspect, love Shanghai included nearly 50 thousand, Google included about one hundred thousand, 5 of the weight of love Shanghai, love the sea to the webmaster tools to predict the daily flow of more than 8000, Google weight 4,. For me such a grassroots and is done part-time website is already very good, of course, I think I should be able to do better.

so when we heard that there is certainly what good Shanghai Longfeng techniques or methods are very interesting, because it may help your website to get a great success, perhaps he can be realized on the Internet in the dream. I have as a part-time website several years old webmaster, I think the share out of their own is also a kind of learning, because when I put a think of familiar things speak out, I might have to put all kinds of problems, but we may have on these new problems is not too understanding, then we go further to find information learning, so I also improved. So I basically every week to write an article to his experience, last week also wrote about me the navigation station development experience. I would like to share this one detail about Shanghai Longfeng experience today.

homepage is actually very simple, the main content is basically in the first screen above, below only website "standard", for example, read all the information at the bottom, so I can give you the user in a. But the point very clear, the subject part of the popular site is recommended, classification, then side by side is the site of some of the Internet information, the latest web article list is included in the site directory. The advantage of this is that users can quickly see my website, and many grassroots website homepage is often very long, may not allow the user to see the content of your site has been so impatient because waiting out, and the bounce rate is too high is obviously to the search engine is not friendly. In addition it can avoid like those done very long home sites that let users come to see for a long time still confused, do not know what to do. At the same time, the home page of the website is the sign, if the capture system of search engine can be very smooth, it will naturally love on your site, so your site in the search engine’s performance is naturally good.

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