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second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/166.

search tools address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/guide/index; love Shanghai or visit search 贵族宝贝zn.baidu贵族宝贝/ into new home.

dear webmaster,

The first step of

more features highlights you to

please account information Webmaster Platform will need to apply for the beta qualification information and website through the official mailbox [email protected]贵族宝贝 sent to Webmaster Platform mail, the website for application has been tested in the Webmaster Platform on site.

is pleased to announce that love Shanghai station search tools for today’s new open beta, launched a strong exclusive forum template, provide more in line with the characteristics of BBS website search results style, bring a better browsing experience for the users forum. Welcome to the forum class owners to participate in online, provide more valuable suggestions for the tool.

in sea search tools

templates highlights:

1, forum search results show: "the implementation of structured posting, replies, reading the number of structured, the click rate promotion station.

third step into the "Webmaster Tools" page, select the left "search", or click "search tools" to enter the

How to use The new beta status

3, discuz and Webmaster Platform structured data plug-in data exchange: the use of Webmaster Platform Discuz forum data submission plug-in site, you do not have to submit data, you can directly use the forum template, details please see: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/334

2, according to the new section screening function: search results in the right sidebar number display posts and search words related to the contents of each section;


, registered and logged in Shanghai Webmaster Platform


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