The website was 3 malicious solution mirror

recently used mirror site operation station is rampant, almost everywhere can see the shadow in the mirror, the head of the community, love Shanghai QQ group Shanghai Longfeng webmaster circle, and is often encountered by malicious friends on the site to discuss their own mirror. Today Beijing bird technology will give you just talked about, meet the mirror site phenomenon we can do.


1, Shanghai love search results report

bird love Shanghai science and technology search results:

how to determine your company’s website is the mirror site

The For example, we just


JS script mean, if any one of the URL in the address bar instead of queqia贵族宝贝 and www.queqia贵族宝贝, then put the address bar to 贵族宝贝>

JS codeThe


mirror site

if the other mirror sites using the reverse proxy technology, we can use the technology to shield. Specific operation method is as follows:

the most simple operation, direct search company name in Shanghai, in the top three search results page, the title of the site is your domain name, but not (usually a long two level domain name). You can judge your company’s website is a malicious mirror.

first, we understand what is the mirror site


according to the real situation to fill out and submit on the line.

processing technology


I admit this point then eggs, but still I hope you encounter illegal sites, many reports, even if there was no treatment, if the report of many people, the hope can cause the attention of love Shanghai.

2, negative news


does not generally mirror malicious website weight is too high, we do not delete, and to minimize the impact, only need to put the squeeze down the mirror site home location can be limited, ideally, only need to show the company’s official website, love science, love the sea 100 Shanghai, Shanghai library, know love the company foreign propaganda, these information can be. General product weight love sea system is relatively high, as long as the operation, rankings are good.


site is how to do the


method is very simple, click on the map such as the "report"

? The mirror site

mirror means is the website data "on an Internet copy to the local server, and keep updating the local server data, so it is also called" copy web site".

extrusion method

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