Joking between Shanghai Longfeng optimization and seven common love

in love between lovers, and hope that the other is on the live, when needed can be found, if Gesanchaiwu not people, then the good temper of the lovers would be angry, but the Shanghai dragon has always stressed that server space optimization is safe and reliable, if Gesanchaiwu server space problem, downtime phenomenon no, the spider crawling our website, so our website naturally can not have a good ranking.


love appearance is not the most important, but if too long sorry audience, estimated this love is difficult to start, even though not handsome is not your fault, but also need to dress up, show respect for each other, and web design website is the same, we should design reasonable "look, let the user feel comfortable, and conducive to the search engine crawl site, try not to use FLASH, JS effects, this is not conducive to search engine included.

second: love between the exquisite appearance, page design as the site is very important

fourth: love each other about the connotation, as the search engine to

content on the site

men and women in love, is the world’s most sweet things, but between each section of love from the beginning to understand, to love, to love, also tend to have a lot of twists and turns, such as breaking up a fight between downtown and so on, emotions are difficult to determine, and so it is not Shanghai Longfeng optimization, from search engines your station, but give very good website ranking, occasionally give you drop right or be K, the ranking factors of uncertainty and volatility, this love is how similar, here, Xiao Xiao take love as a metaphor, joking between Shanghai Longfeng and love seven common optimization.

: the first love to be reliable, as the web server space to reliable

lovers fall in love again, if always is an image that is always a state of life, so will soon tired, therefore, to maintain the freshness, love will be more sweet, and the search engine spiders too, love fresh content, if the website is long-term not update, the spider will also tired, so we should pay attention to the update site, attracting the interest of the spider.

in love, but we love each other’s appearance, love each other to bring fresh, more attention to each other’s connotation, if only the other side looks good, but the words boring, there is no intrinsic, then love is not for a long time, so we should pay attention to the quality of the content of the website, try to do original work, not blindly copy the article, then, search engine quickly know the website among, without any valuable content in the course of time will lead to the site to drop right.

fifth: love needs to be recognized, as the site to get promoted as

third: love love fresh, as the site to keep updated


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