How to seduce spider crawling after the revision of the website

: the first to insist that the one-time successful revision

second: adhere to the good location site

is now the webmaster, estimated until 12 go to bed after a lot of today, a busy day, waiting for a spider to crawl your site, let Baidu give you update the website for weight high website, website update is very stable, but for a just online website or, just after the revision of the website, how can better lure spiders? Today blog website optimization, and talk about how to lure spider crawling flat after the revision of the website.

site is to adhere to the revision, mainly because the site needs to be relocated, need to choose keywords for the user, to meet the user experience perspective. So the site before the revision, who is the new users to a good website, the goal of the website is the maximum experience, website keyword selection is popular, in the revision process should be considered to optimize the Shanghai dragon, it is necessary to optimize the code. So after the revision of the line on the website is not to change. The optimization of these details, in the website before the line to do optimization work should be saved.

website, the search engine will certainly have an impact, to the site included reducing, after the revision, the search engine may not know your station, there will be a time to crawl your site. That at this time you must adhere to the original every day, to lure the spider to grab your site, the original article you updated during this period, it may not be included in search engines, or is already included, but not put out, these are a normal phenomenon, not because of this, not to you more new article. The update frequency, the search engine will have frequency, etc. your site is stable, spiders will be very stable, then your website will also be included in the search engine. Return to the previous state of the spider crawling often.


may be because many websites online, can not choose good templates, good site procedures, good space, through a period of time, the webmaster want to change a good program, to improve the user experience website template. This idea is certainly not wrong, after the search marketing included your station, for your station to have a general understanding, if you want to change, then you have to adhere to the one-time successful revision, after the revision of the website, search engines may give the website snapshot not update, included decreases. Many webmaster think because their revision is not good, again, in this case, many websites will only bring the burden to the search engine, you directly to the K stand is very likely. So the changes can be, but you have to stick to a one-time success, after the revision, don’t touch it, just waiting for search engines.

fourth: adhere to every day outside the chain of

chain can also take the spider crawling your site. The high quality of the chain, can attract the spider came down the chain.

every day

third: adhere to the original


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