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continued to make losses in the restaurant, takeaway business group to afford to go to the capital market’s split, independent financing, financing frequent failures, big cat had to be prompted new sale to light media.

commitment is not the light of cat’s eye "home", but more sad fate begin to push each other. Light information was announced acquisition of cat’s eye, the market generally look bad, the stock price plunged more than light. As a listed company, the light media need to be responsible for all shareholders, the lack of strength against the Internet giants burn, just took over, announced a massive vote to fill, accept >


familiar with the Internet circle of friends all know that when the user decided to get a large-scale enterprise under the new industry in general, the most traditional trick is to burn the circle of users, see the intense competition from the original O2O industry will be able to. Rely on capital drive for user access, the biggest benefit is that you can quickly circle to the scale of users, with beautiful data output to investment institutions the so-called market value, thus the greatest possible investment to continue their industry pioneer position.

as we all know, there is no eternal "boss" in the business arena, and all the phenomenon level points out the theory of relativity of everything. In the ever-changing Internet environment, even more so. Compared to traditional business, this change seems to be more obvious, more contemporary significance. From the substantial changes in the domestic online ticketing market share, we can see. According to the 2016 annual report, online ticketing consulting released once with a 70% market share ranked number one of the cat’s eye, today’s market share has dropped to 24.3%, losing market share in the first throne. Cliff data down, so that the market for this promising darling, more and more "stigma".

cat’s movie is so, born beauty group, to hold high the high ticket compensation strategy, through continuous burn quickly took the position of industry leader. According to media reports, the 2015 cat movie revenues of 358 million 480 thousand yuan, net profit of -131488 million yuan, more people revealed that the peak monthly subsidy of nearly 200 million opal film. A loss of 1 billion 300 million yuan, down 200 million loss, this cat’s movie to the United States mission like a hot potato to take in hand.

friend said at the time, this is a "cock wire" gathered place. I am very puzzled, because the people here or sitting at the table, or playing table tennis, billiards, table football, everything looks comfortable leisure, I can’t take it leisurely and unoppressively, impressed by the "grass root" will suffer hunger and cold, everywhere.


a little attention, you will find that the tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas here are almost the same style. According to reports, these office furniture are donated to people, office supplies are also purchased by large companies or individuals donations. The members of the office or activities held here, only need to pay 125 dollars a month, you can use here 365 days a year and 24 hours of office and office supplies, free coffee, tea, high speed Wifi venue, hardware lab etc.. For Americans, $125 is just an average meal for about 3 days, where entrepreneurs can enjoy an entire month of clean, well appointed and well appointed offices.

, about 1500 square meters of hacker Dojo, is like a large reading room, with rows of tables and computer chairs filled with the whole hall. There are small rooms around it for meeting or visiting people. Bright, lively and humorous pictures of wall paintings keep your eyes from time to time. Also equipped with some table tennis table, billiards table, table football, game consoles and other recreational facilities.

at a friend’s referral, we saw CEO Brian Rouch hacker Dojo, he introduced the hacker Dojo the non-profit agencies launched the original intention to us: they want to help those who start empty-handed Internet entrepreneurs who started their projects, do what they want to do, without worrying about the basic conditions for entrepreneurship. CEO Brian’s business is running the hacker Dojo, allowing more and more entrepreneurs to benefit from it, to exploit their talents, to achieve a technological and commercial legend, and to make the world a better place.

internal cause: lack of independence, voting policy can not continue to make use of the share of loss,

plummeted from 70% to 24.3%, according to normal market fluctuations, it is estimated that the truth can not be recovered. After consulting the relevant information, I believe that the performance of cat’s eye film in the market is so bad, there are no two major factors, one is internal, and the other is external. The internal cause is mainly caused by the limitations and strategic mistakes of the cat’s eye film, which leads to a series of subsequent troubles. The external causes are mainly the lack of flow, entrance and war of the payment platform.

, the hacker Dojo located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a place where Internet entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial ideas but lack start-up funds solve their office facilities. Star companies like Pinterest and Pebble have hatched here.


the Silicon Valley in California, USA, is a technological Mecca for many of the world’s biggest tycoons, with a large number of Tech practitioners and entrepreneurs active here. Half a month ago, Solo desktop team classmates to Silicon Valley to play, accidentally came to a visit to subvert the magic – "hacker Dojo Hacker Dojo".

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