How to avoid being a website and Solutions

does not understand Shanghai Longfeng novice, often to the title of the site is very long. In the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag, often piled up a lot of words (more than 10). Think, this is conducive to the rankings, in fact, this kind of not only not conducive to ranking, engine may also be considered to be no real content, trash content, if the website of this kind of articles more, is also very easy to be sealed; there are some people, love put a lot of keywords in the footer for no reason, what are put inside. This is the wrong way, but also the website was sealed a problem very common.

in the search engine input: site: your domain name (such as site:***贵族宝贝). The search results are displayed: sorry, with "site:***贵族宝贝" "not found; or use Adsense tools inquires, included in the column" 0 ", that is a meaning. If you’ve been included site, there is such a situation, we call this site was blocked.

does not currently have a universal solution to the problem of the website was sealed. So we use the exclusive method to deal with this problem. Check out where the problem, formulate corresponding measures to deal with it, let the search engine to know, reincluding.

2, superposition of severe

note: the website search engine don’t appear some forbidden words. If you look at what is forbidden words, can search the web. The site was blocked, is to change the vocabulary, the best content change.

3, in addition to these do not often pay attention to the problem, there are black hat, Trojan (Trojan though not you hang up, but regardless of the engine, it only station) or joint punishment. "

site was closed


website is blocked:

?The The analysis1, the content of the website

Keywords )

believe that every webmaster is with the beautiful dream of entering the station do this, but when the station found difficult, did not want to be so simple. So some people insist on down to recharge. The way some people stumbling, finally withdrew from the. It is hard to do stand no ground for blame, and it is excellent personal webmaster, what are their own doing; program, optimization, update, promotion, have to say, individual stationmaster is the all rounder. Below I said some do stand experience, from the shallower to the deeper common learning and common progress, first of all, about the novice are most concerned about the topic: how to avoid being sealed and the solution of

look at the theme website: General easily blocked sites: beautiful pictures, political content, related content, total content acquisition etc.. The website do not appear on engine sensitive content. (Note: it is easy to be blocked, not sure just was sealed, a greater chance of, is also a lot of this station is not sealed, such as pcpop贵族宝贝 beautiful pictures and some other large sites.

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