Microsoft will be revised simplified page design

version of the search results page


industry insiders believe that Microsoft may realize, even surpass Google in the algorithm, can still win with a simple design. The following details of this revision:


technology news Beijing time on May 2nd afternoon news, Microsoft today on the Bing search engine for a comprehensive revision. With the increasing content of Google tools and social practice, the new version will be completely abandoned in the design of the left column, replaced by a group at the top of a more refreshing link.


– in the recommendation of friends before the information increase the "thumb" icon, hover over the icon, you can understand what a friend recommended this message.


the old version of the search results page

– "search" from the left to the right shift bar at the bottom of the bottom of the ad.


industry insiders believe that the simple design helps to focus the attention of users. If it is rarely used, can be completely hidden to the subdirectory. In the process of Google integration of social information, many users complained that the page design is too cumbersome, and Microsoft also timely to seize this opportunity, hoping to attract more users through a simple page. (Ding Hong

, originally in the left column, "according to the time to narrow the filter, now can only be used in the news search, search from" more options ".

Google search results page

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