The example analysis and the long tail keywords set specific optimization

to prevail, most of the Shanghai dragon paid little attention to the overall layout and optimization of long tail keywords, you don’t even shoot me, when we see online communication very much about the setting and optimization of the long tail keywords, in reality I saw the Shanghai little dragon. Take the most common Shanghai dragon service company and Shanghai Longfeng individual orders, basically offer a few keywords piled up on the title page, and then start doing optimization. There are few small Shanghai dragon service will consider the overall layout and site optimization problem of long tail keywords.

when the layout of keywords The

I according to their present in the operation of the website of Chengdu clay studio to analyze the two points.

has some caveats:

of each classification below, then the two level classification, this part basically extended keyword classification is looking for love Shanghai and know relevant search inside. Then there are some of the basic logic of the long tail keywords, writing will not cross section, such as in the Chengdu studio this classification, just write about studio topics, as to why, mentioned below. This website is a very logical structure, the search engine can more easily understand each classification and the content of the page relationship.

first obtaining key – website of the fine arts college entrance examination training, and then through the keyword expansion, Google keyword tool can get a lot of. One of the most important is to put these keywords into logical groups, each group corresponds to a keyword classification. The core keyword is the fine arts college entrance examination training, and ultimately determine the secondary keywords including Chengdu fine arts college entrance examination training, Sichuan fine arts college entrance examination training, fine arts college entrance examination training school, Chengdu studio, Sichuan studio. These words are placed in a classification home page, search engine number, each target URL classification keywords will be placed in a table.

I saw

, each page optimization two or three words is enough, too much is not good. We do so in writing when the page will be more targeted, more prominent on the body of the page to help.

two, internal competition. You may pay little attention to this problem before. I do this website optimization of the clay studio is based on a Shanghai dragon predecessors advice to simulate the operation of the. For each page of keywords on the two or three, to maintain the uniqueness. A plurality of pages do not appear on the website of the repeat. May Shanghai dragon will think the same keywords for optimization of internal pages, will be a little more opportunity for ranking. This is the obvious misunderstanding, this will cause the internal competition between the totally unnecessary, I do rookie Shanghai Longfeng also made such a forum, a long tail keywords optimization took at least 10 space to fight the enemy separately. Why is there such competition? Because no matter we want to optimize the number written keywords optimizing page, the search engine will only jump.

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