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“Weah Needs No Strategy to Govern”

first_imgPresidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah addressing a news conferencePhoto Credit: EXECUTIVE MANSION-Presidential Press Secretary Mannah debunks Cummings’ claimsPresidential Press Secretary, Sam Mannah, has indicated that President George Manneh Weah does not need a strategy to effectuate his robust governance plan to govern the Liberian people because he is no stranger to the plights of the people.The presidential spokesman was reacting to what many proponents of the ruling establishment have termed as a negative attack on the administration of the Coalition for Democratic Change by the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings.Serving as a guest speaker at a Rotary event in Monrovia over the weekend, Cummings said though the administration is still very young, it has taken many questionable decisions that bring the CDC’s ability to govern into question. He also questioned whether CDC understands the enormity of what they have taken on.The ANC political leader made specific references to the quality of the appointments made so far by President Weah and the recent loan agreements that the government has brokered with companies.But reacting to these comments in a commentary on Wednesday, Press Secretary Mannah said, delivering people one has live with for long, like President Weah has with the Liberian people, does not require a strategy.He added that President Weah has been providing for the needs of the ordinary Liberian people “unlike Mr. Cummings who will need a strategy because he doesn’t understand the plight of the Liberian people owing to his protracted absence from the country, and as such lacks the proper understanding of the issues confronting the average Liberian.”Throwing a jab at the former Coca-Cola Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mannah noted that governance is quite different from selling a bottle of Coke. “Governance is about putting the right mechanism in place to ensure that the needs of the citizenry are addressed,” he said.“It’s bemusing that with all the strategies Mr. Cummings put forth during the just ended elections, he was massively rejected by the Liberian people and his party was not able to win a single legislative seat. Gone are the days when we will have people use Liberia as a retirement farm. Lest he is unaware, Liberians need true patriots, not tourists,” he said.Football Not a Credential for the PresidencyMr. Cummings seems to have further exacerbated the argument with an apparent jab directed at President Weah when he appeared on a local radio late Wednesday afternoon where he indicated that playing football is also not a credential for the presidency.The ANC political leader might have been constrained to have a short stint into what some would refer to as the uncomfortable terrain of gutter politics in reacting to Mannah’s commentary in which he (Cummings) was labeled as coke seller.Responding to Talk Show host Smith Toby question, “Mannah says running government is quite different from selling bottles Coke?”  the former Coca-Cola Executive said, “playing football is also not a credential for the presidency either.” He also indicated that he was not prepared to comment on the Mansion’s response to his earlier comments as it is not his nature to engage into vitriolic politics.The presidential Press Secretary ’s commentary garnered a lot of reactions across social media with many indicating that Mr. Mannah, like his boss, does not understand governance or leadership.Liberty Party Vice President for Political Affairs, Abraham Darius Dillon, said on his Facebook page, “Sam Mannah has completely made this clear to Liberians that pro-poor had no strategy to run Liberia.”“While this is wishful thinking on the part of Mr. Cummings, I wish to inform him that governance is quite different from selling a bottle of Coke.“So, for the sake of argument, can we say the same about Pres. Weah, that governance is different from kicking a football?”Another commentator, James Milner, noted, “How can you say that a government does not need a strategy to govern? This is baffling to come from such a top official. Even the manner and form in which the President delivers to the people is a strategy and Sam must understand this.“Is Sam saying that Weah has lived with the Liberian people for a very long time and as a result understands their plights, as such, he needs no strategy to govern? This is just very ridiculous to say. What are these guys thinking?” Milner asked.Williet Werner noted, “This is one of the worst pieces of communication that have come from the pinnacle of political authority in our country. Which administration/government does not need a strategy to govern?”“Sam will continue to embarrass himself. One has to comprehend before uttering anything…Sam, thanks for exposing the incompetence of you guys,” Ms. Werner noted.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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