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Microsoft accused of censorship for banning swastikas from Black Ops multiplayer

first_imgActivision‘s latest shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops takes place during the Vietnam War, which isn’t exactly known for its strong Nazi presence… but even if you want to rewrite history in the multiplayer, don’t expect Microsoft to let you: they’ve banned swastikas from Black Ops‘s online multiplayer.The Nazi-ban was outed by Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse, who recently respond to a Tweet asking if it would be okay to use a swastika as a player emblem in Call of Duty: Black Ops.The common sense answer is obviously “no,” which Toulouse quickly said… but amazingly, the one word answer sparked quite a controversy on Twitter as numerous gamers questioned whether or not that was a form of censorship.“Suddenly, my twitter stream was filled with people stating that Xbox LIVE should equally ban the star of David, the Christian cross… because under various niche interpretations of those symbols, they are as evil as the swastika symbol and I should apply ethical relativism to all symbols on Xbox LIVE to respect all viewpoints because of the United States First Amendment,” Toulouse explains.He went on to say: “It’s not political correctness, it’s fundamental respect. If you think the swastika symbol should be reevaluated by societies all over the Earth, I think that’s great,. Your Xbox LIVE profile or in game logo, which doesn’t have the context to explain your goal, is not the right place to do that.”Agreed. Even if I didn’t agree, though, who can blame Microsoft for wanting to play it safe? There’s already enough hate speech on Xbox Live that is beyond Microsoft’s control, mostly through voice chat… who can fault them from wanting to avoid a public relations disaster by openly encouraging neo-nazis on top of that?Read more at Step Tolast_img read more

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