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FC Sarajevo organizes a Camp in the USA

first_imgIn late December, FC Sarajevo will organize a camp for the BH talents who live in the United States.The camp is to be held from December 25 to December 28 in Jacksonville, Florida, in partnership with the Football Federation of Colorado, which organized a national teams’ camp in Denver in May in cooperation with the Football Federation of B&H. the aim of the camp is to find young talents and depending on the age group make them a part of squad of the current champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina.According to the BHD Infodesk, coordinator of the youth squad and the Head of Academy FC Sarajevo Almir Hurtić and the authorized scout of FC Sarajevo Semjon Milošević will participate at the camp in Florida on behalf of the FC Sarajevo. Coach of the youth squad of Colorado Rapids Murat Alibašić, owner of the football academy Bosnia and Herzegovina – Chicago Nedžad Dervišević, and the sports director of “Florida elite soccer academy” Elvir Mešić will actively work at the camp on behalf of the host.The camp is intended for players between 15 and 21 years of age. Along with selective processes, it also offers a process of general sports and ultimate football education. The best evaluated players will be invited to the examination in the football school of the champion from Koševo, and all selected players will be included in the club database in order to continuously monitor their development as players and athletes.(Source: novovrijeme.ba)last_img read more

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Cassell Kuoh: Elected to Promote Passion

first_imgThe search for well-grounded Liberians to help develop Liberian football may not have come at a better time, since it is crystal clear that adequate funding is the most basic to its success.The newly elected LFA vice president for operations, Mr. Cassell Kuoh’s entrance into the football arena is shrouded with a sense of what he can offer Liberian football.However, it is quite interesting that Mr. Kuoh, Sr., announced his interest to be a force to be reckoned with the introduction and his support to FC Fassell, one of the leading soccer clubs in the current LFA league.Since the former vice president for operations, Adolf Lawrence had different principles that did not work fairly well with President Musa Bility’s vision and therefore was booted out.But Mr. Lawrence’s troubles with the administration might have begun the moment he decided to wash the dirty clothes of the Football Association in public, when he granted an interview to a Frontpage Africa reporter late last year.At that time the idea of ‘fraternity football’ was still alien to football administrators till President Bility received his baptism of fire from CAF.Bility learned so quickly that his administration’s success would depend on the consistency, only of those officials whose vision was in line with his own, and therefore to avoid internal distractions, he encouraged only those whose ideas were consistent with his own to join his train.And this was where Cassell Kuoh was needed to do. His willingness to put his resources to move Liberian football forward, evidence of his club, FC Fassell, settled any question of his passion for the game.Though Bility was presented with a ‘white’ ballot to march on to zion, he found it expedient to campaign for his under-men, including vice president for administration Musa Shannon, who it was evidently clear had lost favor with some electorates.Bility swiftly countered, and with some ingenuity, managed to get his team back on course.It can be assumed that Shannon has become aware of his shortcomings and is prepared to make some amends. Few minutes after he came through the door, after his successful re-election was announced, he shook hands with well-wishers in Buchanan, and when he encountered this writer; he shook his hands and said, “We’ll work together.”Cassell Kuoh has shown he is a partner, for the success of FC Fassell is evidence of his passion to see Liberian football forward, and should the Government of Liberia remain true to its youth Transformation Agenda, through a U$5m towards sports, there can be no argument that some Liberian footballers may find their career in Europe.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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