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Zynga spent 137 million keeping Mark Pincus safe last year

first_imgA successful company wanting to keep its CEO safe is understandable, especially when that CEO is generating millions for its shareholders. But how much do you spend, and who is worth protecting?You may be surprised to hear that social gaming company Zynga spent $1.37 million last year keeping CEO Mark Pincus and his family safe. That makes Zynga the third highest company to payout for such security, coming in just behind Lockheed Martin and Oracle.How you view such a large payment for keeping someone safe depends on your perspective. Zynga is thought to be worth $8 billion, is a public traded company, and Pincus holds 36% of the voting rights and 13% of the stock. Being in control of the future of a billion dollar company does make you very important and worth keeping safe.Zynga does have reason to be extra cautious when it comes to their CEO, too. Last year Pincus had a stalker in the form of 39-year-old Russian Vera Svenchina, a former stripper and amateur photographer. Pincus knew Svenchina as she had dated one of his friends previously, but she had clearly changed mentally in the years since. As well as sending him “bizarre emails and voice messages,” she visited his house twice and threatened his wife and kids. He took out a restraining order, which he alleged she violated before fleeing to Russia.On a lighter note, there’s always a chance a few players hooked on Zynga’s social games could decide to search him out for stealing all their free time. They should be easy to deal with though, as long as he has a PC nearby with one of Zynga’s games ready to play.Read more at The Wall Street Journal, via Gamesindustry.bizlast_img read more

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