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BioShock creator Ken Levine asks the internet to stop making Elizabeth porn

first_imgIf you have ever traversed the depths of popular internet social communities like 4chan and Reddit, you’ll come across some weird stuff, mainly art created by certain subsections of a piece of culture’s fandom. Obviously, rule 34 is one of the most prominent subsections of fan culture. The rule states that if something exists, then someone has already created porn of it (followed up by rule 35: if you find that porn of it doesn’t already exist, it is your duty to rectify that problem). Since the release of BioShock Infinite, the game’s deuteragonist Elizabeth has been one of rule 34’s most frequent subjects, and series creator Ken Levine wishes the internet would knock it off.Ken Levine, Elizabeth’s creator, says it’s not cool happening upon her in porn, and likens it to coming across porn of your own daughter, noting that he “die[s] a little inside with every page view.” Levine mentioned this in a Reddit AMA, so of course, the Reddit audience helped him die inside a little more.One Reddit user pointed out that there’s a subreddit dedicated to BioShock porn, which you can easily find yourself if you give it half-a-second’s worth of effort. Another user pitched his erotic BioShock fanfic of the game’s two main characters, who — without divulging too many spoilers — you really wouldn’t want to see together in a romantic situation. Other users, as expected, posted graphic images of Elizabeth right into the AMA itself.So, if you feel for Ken Levine and what he feels should be untainted characters, the next time you see some rule 34 of BioShock pop up, you should just move along. If you think Ken Levine poked the bear by mentioning his negative feelings toward Elizabeth porn, you’re definitely right.last_img read more

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