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Dutch regulator’s pension fund aims for 30% outperformance on ESG

first_imgThe €2bn pension fund of Dutch financial regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) plans to fine-tune its policy on responsible investment, aiming for an investment portfolio with a 30% outperformance on ESG.In its annual report for 2018, Roeland van Vledder, the scheme’s chairman, said it also wanted to reduce the portfolio’s carbon footprint by 10% relative to the benchmark, and would exclude controversial weapons and tobacco from its investment universe.He said the board was convinced that the measures would contribute to maintaining its strong funding position: at the end of March its coverage ratio was 122.8%.The DNB pension fund reported an overall loss on investments of 0.4% for 2018. DNB’s office in AmsterdamThe scheme replaced a number of long-duration bonds with short-duration bonds in order to limit exposure to a relative drop in fixed income markets.Despite the loss, the DNB scheme was able to grant its participants full inflation compensation for the first time in 10 years.Indexation in arrears for pensioners and deferred members ranged from 4.75% to 8.54%, depending on whether they were linked to the salary or the consumer index.It follows a liability-driven investment policy, with 75% of the interest rate risk on its nominal liabilities covered by investments in fixed income and interest rate swaps. The DNB scheme simplified its investment portfolio in 2017, reducing the number of asset classes and switching to passive management.The board said it would carry out an extensive evaluation of its pensions administration after provider TKP announced plans to cease its advisory services, as the DNB scheme, given its scale, no longer fitted in its long-term strategy.Last year, the pension fund replaced BNY Mellon with KAS Bank as custodian, and at 2017-end Cardano became the manager of its matching portfolio.In addition, the DNB scheme’s board said it intended to simplify its pension arrangements in order to ease implementation and communication, as well as reduce costs. A simplified pension plan would also make adjusting to a new pensions system easier, it said.The pension fund reported administration costs of €295 per participant. It spent 16bps on asset management and 2bps on transactions.The DNB scheme has 2,065 active participants, 1,755 deferred members and 1,480 pensioners. A gain of 2.5% from its liability-matching portfolio of predominantly short-duration German and Dutch government bonds and interest swaps – which made up 60% of the overall portfolio – could not compensate for a 2.9% loss from its return-seeking holdings.Its equity allocation lost 4.3%, while its global property REITs allocation declined by 0.3%.last_img read more

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Johan Cruyff: Jose Mourinho is setting a bad example to young people

first_img Cruyff launched an attack on the former Chelsea manager and reopened his war of words with Louis van Gaal during an interview with Sky Sports News on Tuesday. Mourinho has come in for criticism for his management of Chelsea so far this season. The champions are languishing in 16th position in the Barclays Premier League after losing four of their opening eight matches, but the Portuguese’s antics on the touchline have annoyed Cruyff. The Dutch pair have had a running feud for some years now and Cruyff decided to reopen old wounds by criticising Manchester United’s style of play under the 64-year-old. “He doesn’t dominate. I like dominating football. Manchester (United) doesn’t play like that,” Cruyff said. Asked if he thought Van Gaal was too cautious, Cruyff said: “I don’t think so, but it’s strange that against strong teams they’ve got good results and with weak teams they’ve had difficulties. “That’s a strange situation. “But the results I think are second. The game is first. Money is very important but always second. “In England they play different, everybody has their own style. A mix of styles is always good. “The most important part are the fans, that people are going home happy. It’s their time off and you should give them something to enjoy.” Mourinho was criticised for his treatment of Dr Eva Carneiro, who left the club after rowing with the Chelsea manager over an injury to Eden Hazard against Swansea. The former Real Madrid manager was also charged with misconduct for his comments about referees following the 3-1 defeat to Southampton on Saturday. “He’s controversial,” the former Ajax and Barcelona manager said. “What I like about him is he’s always capable of creating good ambience within the players and what I don’t like is that he always puts himself on the first row. He should be on the second row. “It’s probably because of his background, where he’s never been cheered by 100,000 people, or whistled at by 100,000 people. “Maybe it’s because of that, maybe because of the interest from the press, but I don’t think he is educating children to play football or educating for life. “He should behave better because he will be in the press all over the world.” Another manager Cruyff has little time for is Van Gaal. Johan Cruyff believes Jose Mourinho is setting a bad example to young people with his behaviour. Press Associationlast_img read more

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