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Heroes hailed for their lifesaving roles

first_imgEarly CPR is being credited with helping save a 4-year-old girl’s life after she nearly drowned Sunday at Klineline Pond.Three bystanders performed CPR on the girl until emergency responders arrived. Initially, though, some people were hesitant to act because the girl had blood in her mouth, said Dawn Johnson, spokeswoman for Clark County Fire District 6.The good news is the new method for providing CPR doesn’t require mouth-to-mouth contact, she said.Clark County Fire District 6 firefighter-paramedic Jeff Killeen demonstrated hands-only CPR at a news conference Thursday.People giving CPR should place their hand on the person’s chest, about even with the middle of the nipples. For a child, use only one hand; for an adult, use both with one on top of the other.They should push down on the victim’s chest about one-half to one-third of an inch at a speed of 100 compressions per minute, Killeen said. They may feel ribs cracking or cartridge separating from the sternum; however, they should not stop compressions, he said.People performing CPR should continue with chest compressions until paramedics arrive. It takes 60 compressions to get blood flowing and only three seconds of no compressions for the blood flow to slow again, Killeen said.Killeen also offered tips for bystanders who spot a person in trouble in the water.The general rule of thumb, he said, is if you can’t hold the person on your hip, don’t go in after them. If the victim is too big for the rescuer, it could mean both people will end up in trouble, Killeen said.last_img read more

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