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Nicaragua Proposes Ecological Battalion To Protect Natural Reserves

first_imgBy Dialogo March 01, 2010 The Nicaraguan army plans to form an ecological battalion this year, with five hundred soldiers to watch over natural reserves and forests with support from people’s brigades, a military source announced. “This battalion’s mission will be to watch over protected areas like the Bosawas and Indio Maíz biospheres,” both located in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua, as well as forests and the environment, the army’s head of Civil Defense, Gen. Oscar Perezcassar, told AFP. In the 19,926-square-kilometer Bosawas reserve, there are almost no guards, due to the lack of human and financial resources. The battalion is an army initiative that received the support of President Daniel Ortega, although funds still need to be obtained in order to begin the organization process and the training of the soldiers who will make up the force. Civil Defense also expects that this initiative will serve to support the ecological activities of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry (Marena), the military commander affirmed.last_img read more

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Football Notes: Houston needs to improve on ‘situational awareness,’ jump in the polls

first_imgIt was by no means a perfect day for Bart Houston and the University of Wisconsin football team, but the fifth-year senior won his first collegiate start Saturday, when he threw two poor interceptions against Louisiana State University.The first came late in the first quarter in the end zone. LSU’s secondary blanketed UW’s receivers, and Houston had nowhere to go. Instead of throwing the ball away and settling for a field goal, Houston tried to force it. The result was no points and a turnover.The second interception was even more costly. LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White picked off Houston at the UW 21-yard line and returned it for six points, flipping the game’s momentum and getting the Tigers on the board for the first time.Houston’s first read, he said, was to tight end Troy Fumagalli, who was covered. His second option was to second-string tight end, Kyle Penniston, to whom he tried to complete the pass, but it was too late.Football: Chryst doesn’t want Badgers to rest on upset winAfter one of the biggest wins in program history against a Louisiana State University team many experts picked to make Read…Both of those instances are two areas where Houston said he needs to improve: ball security and situational awareness.UW head coach Paul Chryst also used the term “situational awareness” during his news conference Monday.“Bart can’t try to do too much,” Chryst said. “We got to help him, but you don’t want that to be part of who you are, and I think that’s the challenge that he slash we have.”Boutte suspendedLSU coach Les Miles suspended guard Josh Boutte Monday for one game for leveling Wisconsin safety D’Cota Dixon after Dixon reeled in the game-clinching interception with less than a minute to go.Football: Lambeau Leaps and revelry just minutes after ugly momentThe Lambeau Leaps into the stands afterward said it all for Wisconsin football. What the team accomplished Saturday was nothing short Read…When asked about his feelings toward the suspension, Chryst mostly evaded the question, but said he was “proud” of how the Badgers handled the situation in the heat of the game.“I was really proud of the way our players responded,” Chryst said. “I thought that was big time.”UW redshirt junior inside linebacker Jack Cichy was glad his teammate wasn’t injured, but played devil’s advocate for Boutte.“It’s a heat of the moment,” Cichy said. “Like I guess coach Miles said after the game, you don’t necessarily know the guy’s intent. As a lineman, maybe he didn’t see D’Cota go down.”Jump in the pollsThe unranked Badgers upset the No. 5 Tigers, but that won’t be the case against Akron University at Camp Randall Saturday.Football: Breakdown of Badgers’ upset over LSUThe Wisconsin Badgers played a spoiler game against fifth ranked Louisiana State University with a 16-14 upset victory in college Read…Roughly two hours after coming in at No. 16 in the Coaches Poll, Wisconsin checked in at No. 10 in the Associated Press Poll. UW is now ahead of Michigan State (No. 12) and Iowa (No. 16), and is the third-highest ranked team in the Big Ten behind Ohio State (No. 4) and Michigan (No. 5).The Badgers will play all of those teams by Oct. 22.The No. 10 ranking is the highest Wisconsin has been ranked since 2011, when the Badgers were 6-0 with Russell Wilson quarterbacking the squad.last_img read more

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Institutionalised deafness supported by square pegs

first_imgDear Editor,The presidential candidate for the PPP/C for the upcoming elections, Dr Irfaan Ali, in his speech at the party’s election campaign launch on January 5 at the Kitty Market Square, pledged to support the growth and development of the vulnerable sections of Guyanese society with their unique needs. So pleasing it was to hear the recognition that each section of our society has unique needs that his subsequent reference to supporting single ‘mothers’ jarred like nails against a chalkboard.It is 2020 and we cannot continue to ignore a reality that we have single fathers in this country who need support just like single mothers do. Everybody and their dog have rights in this country except single fathers. The continued invisibility of single fathers at the political level creates severe injustice in Guyanese society with severe consequences for the lives of children.As Dr Ali acknowledged, every section of society has unique problems. We have a ‘child-father’ phenomenon in some sections of society where fathers are often not present, hence the need to support single mothers. In other sections of our society, we have problems where mothers have a nomadic lifestyle and abandon or neglect children or leave them with their father or in the care of extended family with a multitude of opportunities for child sexual abuse. In some sections of our society, mothers push their children into prostitution. In some cases, mothers are just weak-minded and careless, while the fathers offer more disciplined upbringing of children. If we do not understand the diverse reality, then the solutions that we are offering as a society are too simplistic and, therefore, can only be ineffective and unjust.When a Government implements solutions that are unjust, then we have oppression and injustice in society. I have personal experience of a Government agency unable to understand or hear anything from a male perspective – institutionalised deafness supported by square pegs. All the concerns and familiar tales of females being abused find a willing ear because the storyline is a familiar one, rendering agencies gullible and their recommendations to Police and courts lack credibility, producing more injustice in society.Beyond the invisibility of single fathers in our society, men, in general, have little support from the Government. As a society, we are very good with persecuting males. Prisons are full. Rum shops are the places where men can find comfort and support and understanding. As a country that produces a large number of violent and self-destructive males, we need to invest more thought into our policies to offer the kind of intervention that is critically needed. If we do not have the human resources in Guyana to address this problem, then recruit experts and specialists. Surely the suffering of the people is what Government aims to address? At a minimum, I hope that we can develop our own unique solutions in Guyana to stop the gender discrimination against single fathers and stop the assault on fatherhood.Sincerely,Sandra Khanlast_img read more

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