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Dog Owners Sexier Than Smartphone Owners Study

first_imgApp stores and touchscreens are all well and good, but when it comes to cruising for the ladies, dogs are still man’s best friend. According to a new study from Retrevo.com, women find guys with dogs sexier than guys with smartphones. “Want to attract more women?” the site asked in a blog post. “Get a dog! More women under 35 say they are attracted to a dog walker than someone using a cool smartphone.”Men apparently find the use of “cool phones” more attractive than do women. Fifty percent of the men surveyed said they find people with cool phones more attractive–36 percent of women answered the same. The male/female split breaks down to 46 and 38 percent for “cool laptops,” 42 and 30 percent for book reading, and 36 and 29 percent for iPad ownership.Interestingly, women find wearing Bluetooth headsets slightly more attractive–at 33 to 31 percent. As for phone holsters, no one finds those attractive, so stop doing that, if you ever want to get some again.last_img read more

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